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  1. Just checked the Genesis Publications site, the book appears to be officially SOLD OUT... Those final 50 copies went pretty fast-
  2. Hiya Steve - Never saw this photo before either, but isn't that Swan Song's/JP's Assistant, Phil Carlo at the bottom, far left...? Looks like him to me.....
  3. I think the "never released" Houston 2-27-1975 Soundboard might surprise some people... It supposedly exists.... After a 42 year wait - this show hasn't had a SONG released from it - AUD or SB.... It was a KILLER show....
  4. TESLA Rocks!! Plain and simple.... Totally agree with you, Charles J..... (And, MAN, are they good live.....!)
  5. That's the James Patrick Page that I've come to know for the past 31+ years....... Here's a shot from the "Outrider era" in 1988.... Love the man - simply put - and how he has treated me and my entire family for decades - Nuff said...!
  6. Was there on the front row, show was between 3 and a half and 3 hours 45 minutes, first show after the release of Physical Graffiti, and the first show of the 2nd leg of the 1975 USA tour..... They had been off for almost 2 weeks, they got into Houston the night before for a band dinner and were well rested.... Plant's voice had two weeks off too.... This show is mentioned in particular in the Davis "1975 USA Tour" Zeppelin book.... They ripped the roof off the joint that night..... Even Robert looked down at us and said, "This is a really good gig".... He said something about a lot
  7. Houston 75 Soundboard.... no recording of any kind has surfaced to date........
  8. Back to the "what's next" question - I'm thinking the unreleased Houston 2-27-1975 soundboard will quite possibly be a 4 CD set.... I didn't have my wristwatch on that night, but most accounts put the show at between 3 hrs 15 min and 3 hrs and 45 min.... As I have mentioned in other posts, this show has never been released as an audience or soundboard recording.... After reading the section in the Davis book on the LZ 1975 Tour about this particular Houston show, that they were off for almost 2 weeks (JP & RP vacationing in Dominica) before starting the 2nd leg of the tour in Houston, got
  9. They mention "When Giants Ruled The Earth"........ Just listened to the final 3 song volley from the new Ft Worth 1975 LZ Soundboard at top volume..... Stairway/Whole Lotta Love/Black Dog - Talk about IN YOUR FACE - WHOA!!
  10. Listen to you! :-D Thanks for the kind words, "S"... Was living in Colorado Springs in 1977..... Somehow Barry Fey failed to snag them on their way to the Seattle show in July 1977 and we know now that the following weeks' two Oakland shows were the final US shows ever.... While on vacation in Houston in early '77, my sister very cruelly showed me HER ticket to the "Dragon Snake" Houston Summit 77 show, and my wife attended as well..... At least my Houston '75 experience was front row center and the very first live Zeppelin show after the actual release of Physical Graffiti - so I got on
  11. GREAT post Strider...... I really hope Houston 1975 is next.... It sure got a good review in the Davis 1975 Tour book.... It's such a drag to have to only LZ show I personally ever saw - not released in any format (audience or soundboard) after 40 years.....
  12. Another video from the reunion show in Dallas - The Alice Cooper Group - "Is It My Body"..... It looks like I've channeled my "inner 16 year old self" up on the front row.... Still can't believe this went down with the original band members (minus Glen Buxton, of course....) Sure wish they would tour and keep it to a 1971-1974 setlist, nothing earlier than Love It To Death and nothing after Muscle Of Love..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WcuRKJ9Ym4o
  13. Always good to get a good SB - Just wish it was the Houston 75 show.....
  14. Overall, probably my favorite rock photographer of all time...... Neal's approach to music photography has been an inspiration for me personally, especially when I first started shooting in the 70's... His body of work has defined the genre, in my opinion..... THANK YOU Neal Preston! Neal shot this photo right in front of me the night the Houston Summit opened in Nov 1975 with The Who playing their 1st show of the 75/76 US Tour with Keith Moon... Just magic..! Photo Credit: Neal Preston
  15. The Rolling Stone Magazine treatment..... Watch a newly released pro shot of The Alice Cooper Group doing "No More Mr. Nice Guy"..... http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/see-alice-coopers-original-lineup-play-gritty-no-more-mr-nice-guy-20151015
  16. In general terms, there are very few 1975 shows that have never surfaced in audience or soundboard.... I feel pretty strongly in my mind which one I believe comes out on Empress Valley next.....but it's just my opinion & I won't voice it here in public... Can't wait for the announcement from Japan on the mystery release that is being referred to as "Bonzo's Greatest Performance", as it appears in translation.... Hope everyone had a stellar weekend....!
  17. Here's a 12 photo gallery they did of my photos from the Alice Cooper reunion show on Ultimate Classic Rock.com - ENJOY! http://ultimateclassicrock.com/alice-cooper-band-reunion-photos/
  18. A killer video of "I'm Eighteen" in this one from Ultimate Classic Rock.com..... http://ultimateclassicrock.com/alice-cooper-band-reunion/
  19. Some pro video from last night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=43&v=zJ9cSd-UxsU
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