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  1. I was there - ther 4 of them linked arms and took a bow - then Jason ran to the front of the stage, turned to face the other three and got on his knees to bow Waynes World style!
  2. IMToD, Kashmir and No Quarter by a long way But if they had done The Birdy Song i'd have been happy with that too!
  3. Took my wife to the show - she didn't care for them so much, but came willingly coz she knew how much it meant to me. Needless to say she's been Zepped and cant get enough. I love her so much more now!!!!!!!!!!
  4. same happened here. No Quarter and I was a wreck. I think we are all bit D&C this week. couldn't sleep Mon night nor Tues and still high tonight from the sheer rush of the show.
  5. I saw Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones, Robert Plant and Jason Bonham and had the joy of their company for over two hours. Didn't chat - too noisy but seemed like decent folk oh yeah and my wife too. Nothing Else Matters
  6. Way to go Jason, you made it real. that was stunning. I'll let you know when the ringing stops and i get my ears back
  7. Just think how powerful it was for us there! They paid tribute to their ability. Not only that, they are at one end of a long line of recent reunions, leading end! All the others were left in the wake of Legends - and Led Zeppelin didn't do it for money either. The doubter’s maybe thought that they had something to prove and no-doubt would have welcomed a flat uninspired performance. But this was Led Zeppelin with nothing to prove to themselves or their true fans and now they delivered pure magic for over two hours. It wasn’t clinical and it had tech issues but that’s live music; raw
  8. Heep of shite - so far up your own arse - were you even there? it was trully amazing - you cannot compare the past to the present unless you cant deal with today!
  9. Thank You for being part of my life for the last 30 years Thank You for letting me be there last night. You guys were so good i'm speachless
  10. if you haven't got your ticket or wrist bnad get there NOW! 4pm will be far too late.
  11. i was there too and it was louder and clearer than i expected given the new Decibel Police rules. cant wait for tonight - there wont be a comparison - this is Led Zeppelin the Sons of Thunder are back!
  12. very many Led Zeppelin die hards are over 40 years of age (still young mind you!) and many may hold down jobs where days are spent in countless executive meetings, where keeping a focused mind could mean millions of ££££££. and you command herespect of fellow professionals. yet secretly you are humming your way through so many songs in the concert in your head And yet if you are anything like me you are going to be a gibbering wreck in less that 10 hours.. how have you all copeed over the last few weeks. I think everyone I have met has heard me say at least once "did I tell you I'm g
  13. I haven't stopped smiling in weeks, my face hurts so much. I spent 3.5 hours in line yesterday bouncing with anticipation, I was laughing through emotion during a two hour drive home and yet I slept like a baby for 8 hours! I want to be there right now and I dont care what they play - I'd pay to see them do "Agadoo"! it would rock beleive me! Do want No Quarter, Houses, Trampled, Nobody's, On the Tiles and as many others they can do in 2hours. Dont care i'll be there OMG, OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. What a day - I got to the O2 at 13:00 in line by 13:15 - got my tickets and wrist band at 16:40 so a little under 3 -1/2 hours. Yeah it took a long time but that was part of the experience. They had 12 desks inside divided by letter of the alphabet to correspond with surname – each desk processed one set of tickets at a time and if we are being generous they turned one set every 90 seconds mins. This means each desk process 45 sets in one hour, equal to 540 across the line. = 1080 tickets per hour. They were open for 8 hours therefore assume 8640 tickets were issued today. The safe
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