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  1. Also from their facebook page.... TLDR: tour, remastered album, 2nd disk of EOT outtakes, live, radio sessions (presumably the Bruce Dickinson ones), 180g vinyl x2 and double cd, and some kind of pledge music campaign... JUST ANNOUNCED: THE TEA PARTY CELEBRATE 20th ANNIVERSARY OF EDGES OF TWILIGHT WITH CANADIAN TOUR AND SPECIAL REMASTERED VERSION To commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Edges of Twilight, The Tea Party have announced the release of a deluxe remastered CD, remastered LP, and a North American tour. It has been 20 years since the group released the iconic album featuring such singles as Sister Awake and The Bazaar. The band will kick off the tour in Windsor, ON, on September 4th for two HOMETOWN SHOWS at the Olde Walkerville Theatre. The tour will stop all across Canada, and fans can look forward to seeing the band perform the album in its entirety. Tickets go on sale this Friday, June 26th and the remastered album will be released on September 4th with Universal Music Canada, the countrys leading music company. VIP packages for the tour will be available through MapleMusic beginning this Friday at 10am EST at http://www.ticketbreak.com/theteaparty. The band will also launch a PledgeMusic campaign on Friday, which will include a chance to purchase memorabilia, ticket bundles and so much more. All of the details for pre-order bundles will be found at www.pledgemusic.com/projects/tea-party-eot20 on Friday at 10 AM EST. General ticket sales begin on Friday, details will be made available on the bands website at www.teaparty.com. The Edges of Twilight, originally released on March 28, 1995, hit double platinum and was nominated for two Junos. The title of the album was taken from a chapter of the book Fire in the Head, by American author Tom Cowan, which also inspired the name of the first track on the album. Universal Music Canada will release both a deluxe edition CD of the album and a 2LP 180 Gram Heavyweight Vinyl edition of the original release. The 2-CD Deluxe, Digital Deluxe, Mfit & Vinyl Editions will include newly remastered audio. The deluxe CD and digital deluxe will also include a second bonus disc that will consist of alternate, live, radio sessions and bonus audio and the booklet will feature the story of the album with new band interviews and previously unseen photos. The Vinyl edition will include the newly remastered audio across 2 x 180 gram heavyweight vinyl that will be housed in a gatefold sleeve.
  2. Ah ok, I was actually thinking more low key affair on his website. Limited run of 1000 or so, box set with companion disk. That sort of thing.
  3. To be honest I would have thought there'd be less demand for a soundtracks box set, considering he'd just reissued both via his website
  4. Does anyone thing that a remastered Coverdale page box set, similar to the JP Soundtracks, is in the horizon in the fairly near future? I'd buy that.
  5. Going through a live trampled underfoot Renaissance. I keep coming back to 25.5.75, broken string and all. Sounds so powerful.
  6. Ploughing through the 75 sbds at the mo. Dazed from Vancouver on 20/3 is currently winding up. There's some additional chunks in this performance with some decent enough Page rambling. I'm hearing that Trampled underfoot was consistently awesome on this tour, with Robert seemingly giving the vocals some extra power.
  7. I've been listening to that quite a bit lately. I just finished listening to Earls Court 25/5 75 show. Page's playing is so much more coherent in London, and it's easy to hear the Impact his damaged finger was having on the US dates Still 4 blocks is sensational, the sound quality is possibly the best and I love that NQ still doesn't have the piano in the mid section. The keyboard sound always gave it a more ominous sound over the piano.
  8. After the tragic death of John Bonham, I feel Zeppelin's life force was pretty much spent. Musically they were sinking below the bar they set, raised and then raised some more right up till late 1975, both in musicianship and creativity. So, yes, after the most unfortunate of events in sept 25th 1980 they were right to put Zeppelin to rest. After a few disastrous reunion efforts the stars aligned for one splendid farewell in 2007, but now it's done.
  9. I keep coming back to this album and keep walking away with my views unchanged. most high is the standout track for me. The eastern element added some real spice and energy. Terrific. Upon a golden horse is good. The strings really work (compared to the b side version I had previously heard). Blue train is very sad and poignant but good. There are moments of the title track that are good, and moments that are dull. Burning up could have/should have been better. The rest is boring and forgettable. I think it was significantly hampered by the production which gives everything a 'demo' quality. I keep trying and I would love to love it, but 16 years on my original opinions stands.
  10. Hmm. Not a fan of the video. I think it's a little cheesy.
  11. Except for the rather pessimistic stop sign below their names!
  12. Send me a pm and I'll email you some high res scans from my copies
  13. Nick Talbot AKA Gravenhurst Singer songwriter journalist. RIP
  14. On top of a heap of shit with his integrity sliding down the sides just beyond his grasp. If jimmy did a collaboration with Chris Cornell I have no doubt that it would be great. He could collaborate with a whole range of singers and musicians and come up with some truly great work, if he wanted to, or wasn't afraid to. Unfortunately the only collaborating he seems to be doing at the moment are with book stores, Ross halfin, dinners, that scarf bloke and with a range of airlines aquiring air miles on the promo tours. I'd love him to release some new material but until I have something in my hand I'm resigned to the fact that he's retired, and that's absolutely cool. He's earned it and has delivered some of the most timeless material ever. If he spends the rest of his time tweaking the zepp catalogue that's absolutel cool. If he wants to share some live remasters with us then that's absolutely cool too. It is unfortunate but if that's how it is then so be it. So now I just don't really trust any sources about collaborations or new material or playing live, particularly when they come from the man himself.
  15. Listening and watching to knebworth. Can't quite understand jimmys rationale to wear business casual attire.
  16. How exciting! Start at the beginning and take your time. There's so much good stuff. For me splendor solis is the best led zeppelin album that led zeppelin didn't make...if that makes any sense whatsoever.
  17. The remaster sounds sonically superb. Much better than the original. The additional tracks are more than welcome. However, no quarter editing is an absolute crime, and changing LPs in the middle of dazed is silly. On mp3 I'll listen to the new one, on vinyl I go for the old one.
  18. They filmed last nights melbourne concert for a dvd release...hopefully a LZ DVD style release with some old archive concerts too!
  19. It's only about 14 actually, but that's 14 years too long. I'd agree that jimmy and Ian would definitely be in attendance. Probably roy too, unless he's forced to keep a low profile.
  20. I got the vinyl too...also managed to get one of 100 limited green vinyl pressings too!
  21. The last time was in June 2000 and they only played one venue in London (The Garage at highbury and islington, and it was bloody excellent). I'd imagine this would be something similar too. A London date as part of a European tour. They always had more success on the mainland, particularly Germany and the Netherlands. They were dropped by their UK record label in 1995 so I don't think there has been enough historical exposure or a big enough fan base to support more than one or two dates. The one in 2000 sold out really quickly though so grab your tickets early.
  22. As someone who hasn't explored much Bowie can you give me a hint where to look please.
  23. It is, and according to the site she was with jimmy last year. I'm pretty sure jeff was still married at the time, and isn't jimmy?
  24. I understand that JM is in a different place to when he was in the fuzzy days of the mid to late 90s, its categorically not a bad thing and the point I was trying to make was that to me the lyrics come across as a bit pedestrian, or lazy by the standards that he has previously set, irrespective of subject matter. Whether this is as a result of his head space, or ability I don't know, I was just giving my observations. The guitar work of Waters on Fire are absolutely fine, but it doesn't detract from the fact that (to me) it sounds like a cheesy rock ballad, which are a dime a dozen. Maybe its the arrangement, I don't know. Generic ballads are too ubiquitous to be that interesting to me and my overarching point was that I feel its just a dull song in comparison to what I know they can do. Its in teh same category as something like The Watcher or Oceans. Not to downplay the subject matter, just the song itself as an overall package. They've done "love" songs in the past and the arrangements have been superb: In this time, dreams of reason, white water siren spring to mind. And I wasn't criticising double tracked vocals either, I was just noting down my observations of the track. They've done it before to great effect in the likes of The Master and Margarita, and it works very well in other places on this album, just not for me on The Maker. The expansion of their global repertoire to South America was indeed a welcome surprise, there's not many places they haven't gone now (in either TTP or solo). I completely agree that they are looking forward, and I think I called it 'new tea party' in a number of places. This is an excellent album and I didn't intend for my comments to come across as too critical, purely observational. There's so much to hear in it, and new sounds leap out with every new listen. I'd certainly encourage any fan of Zeppelin to check it out. I'd give it an 8-8.5 out of 10, but for me to not acknowledge that it does has some minor flaws and areas of weakness, would not be being true to myself. I'm pretty sure we are both in general agreement to the overall quality of it. Its very good. Having been a fan since about 1993 I'm just thrilled that they are back and writing great music.
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