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  1. Sounds intriguing. I'll watch this space. Can you let us know any more about the golden oriental vocal mix?
  2. Amazon for all previous box sets for me has arrived about 10 days after release date. For the last three I went with inportcds and they arrived on the release date. This was posting to Australia. Price was much cheaper, no complaints at all from me.
  3. If they were to do this, I hope they'd go all in. video, audio, everything. Is it safe to assume that much of the groundwork (baking tapes and transferring) would have been done for the 2003 release, or did Page specifically target only the reels from the particular performance on the particular night? Not underestimating the work involved but I wouldn't think they'd be starting from scratch. Couldn't Page also outsource the work and take more of a supervisory hands off/QA role. This and Knebworth would be crowning achievements in their catalogue.
  4. $310 USD I don't know the exact AUD amount, but literally minutes later I got a call from BankWest asking if I'd just made a transaction as it looked dodgy.
  5. Thanks for this. I ordered all 3 with international shipping to Australia for just over $310, compared to Amazon's (current) $475. I don't think Amazon reduced their price by too much for the last one, maybe around 119 per set (ex delivery), which still worked out to be more. Haven't used ImportCDs before so hopefully things are nicely packaged and arrive safely
  6. Also from their facebook page.... TLDR: tour, remastered album, 2nd disk of EOT outtakes, live, radio sessions (presumably the Bruce Dickinson ones), 180g vinyl x2 and double cd, and some kind of pledge music campaign... JUST ANNOUNCED: THE TEA PARTY CELEBRATE 20th ANNIVERSARY OF EDGES OF TWILIGHT WITH CANADIAN TOUR AND SPECIAL REMASTERED VERSION To commemorate the 20th anniversary of The Edges of Twilight, The Tea Party have announced the release of a deluxe remastered CD, remastered LP, and a North American tour. It has been 20 years since the group released the iconic album featuring s
  7. We're gonna groove might actually be a 69 studio version and not the rah one?
  8. Presence looks very intriguing indeed. ITTOD looks like potentially just another companion disk, in the vein of LZ4 (minimal variation), and Coda looks absolutely superb! A brilliant conclusion. Jimmy is obviously keeping As Long As I Have You studio version for the next round of remasters
  9. Do you use tabs? They are exceptionally useful. There's plenty of them around and they can help to iron out the kinks. some more great acoustic tracks (most with words, although I know you said instrumental in the title): Coil by opeth brother by alice in chains With twilight as my guide by the mars volta Cannonball by damien rice The foundry by gravenhurst Is there anybody out there by pink floyd Road tripping by the red hot chili peppers End of a holiday by fairport convention
  10. Winter solstice and the badger by the tea party are excellent pieces to learn. Quite challenging but rewarding
  11. I'd be happy with a release date too. I haven't listened to any of the albums since the announcement of the first box sets. Itching to hear them again. Anyone think that there is a "delay" and if so what might be causing it (targeting specific time of year like xmas, re jigging content to make coda epic after some disappointment with companion disks, etc)
  12. Maybe try discogs.com Depending on your location postage could be expensive. It's about to be rereleased later this year. If you can phob your dad off for another year with something else there'll be copies in abundance for cheap next year
  13. ^ snap. For three of my least favourite zep albums I'm getting tremendously impatient not being able to listen to them!
  14. ^ but LZIII had a rotating wheel. That's pretty great I'd agree with LZII as well. Always baffled by the inside picture of the Zeppelin and the spotlights. And that colour brown....pretty mediocre Presence was always quite intriguing for me as an album cover, and I'd love to get an obelisk.
  15. I believe it was their rehearsal space for the 1973 tour, which was in old street in London.
  16. The dragon telecaster is the only thing I've seen. I believe he painted it originally.
  17. Whole lotta love. He sincerely wants to give the ladies every inch of his love
  18. Curious, why couldn't the source footage (the film) for the dvd be used for a blu Ray?
  19. Ah ok, I was actually thinking more low key affair on his website. Limited run of 1000 or so, box set with companion disk. That sort of thing.
  20. To be honest I would have thought there'd be less demand for a soundtracks box set, considering he'd just reissued both via his website
  21. Does anyone thing that a remastered Coverdale page box set, similar to the JP Soundtracks, is in the horizon in the fairly near future? I'd buy that.
  22. The best outcome would be if coda is released on its own. That would imply that there's potentially some seriously interesting things on it.
  23. Robert Plant is still playing great music. How is this even a disappointing issue for some? Great video.
  24. Just received mine. Very impressive package, the finish on the vinyl covers is excellent, though finger marks will be the ongoing issue here! I've already put them in the plastic sleeve protectors, which is a necessary shame. I haven't listened to the disks yet but the companion audio tracks seem to contain tracks which significantly differ from the released versions. I think this is an example of what a companion disk should look like.
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