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  1. Tic Tok-Kesha Just trying to scare you all... The Beatles-Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  2. It's not real. If we don't pay for health care directly then they'll screw us some other way. Now back to Led Zeppelin. Posted by a little girl.
  3. JPJ all the way. He plays bass and keyboard as well as several other instruments. Geddy Lee is a good bassist and can sing very well, but I personally feel that John is more musically experienced and has more ability. He has more of a range than geddy. Besides, this is the Led Zeppelin forum and no one's going to reply saying that Geddy is a better bassist.
  4. He just did It Might Get Loud in2009. Watch it on VH1 Classic when comes on.
  5. Maybe the book he bought was about how to avoid stalkers that hide in book shops and film his daily life.
  6. I was kind of sad when I heard that Led Zeppelin wasn't going to play at the olympics. It is in their own country, and it's probably the only time (except for Page who played Whole Lotta Love at the Closing Ceremony for Beijing) that they'll get this opportunity. I understand though that Robert wants to honor John Bonham, but do you guys think that if Bonzo could tell Rob, Jim, and John to play, he would? Let me hear what you think!
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