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  1. He won't say yes to a zeppelin tour before he goe out with Allison. It would totally derail the turn out for that tour and focus attention on zeppelin. He knows this.
  2. I've read that the box set sounds better than the individual remasters. However, I alwats though they were the exact same thing. In fact, I can't image they're not. I'm sure there is plenty of insight on these boards.
  3. he said " you never know whats around the corner". Now, I'll admit, I don't know much about much... but if I've picked up anything over the years its how to read between Roberts lines... and that wasn't a no.
  4. I read she said she wasn't going. I'm not sure why people think them doing a tour together really affects a zeppelin tour unless you're talking about it being 100% this summer. These type of pair ups usually have an album, a press tour which they've done and a small tour schedule, maybe theirs will be a little bigger since its international.... and thats it. They're not going to forge a career together.
  5. That show feels a lot more like zeppelin than anything I've ever experienced (P+P, Page and crowes...)
  6. I might take 80 just to have the elder bonham... but the energy from these clips seem to be genuine and I'd be very happy with it... for sure. I think it says a LOT about this 02 show that we're even able to slightly put one against the other... thats pretty good.
  7. I'd go see any member play anything. So if the three of them played, it would be great. I'd rather see plant though.
  8. I've wanted him to be the drummer for years, but I never thought I'd leave this show (not there just hearing what I can hear) and thinking he was the highlight. He brings new life to this band. What a waste if they didn't explore it more.
  9. Feedback is in the house speakers... I wonder if its after the recording or before.
  10. Not in mine surprisingly. Even just an insert with track listing would have done.
  11. This DVD release is very good. The film quality seems to really be cleaned up, watching it was like watching it for the first time at points. I grew up with the movie on VHS and the soundtrack. The soundtrack was its own thing and didn't always follow the music in the movie. I liked that, I think a lot of people did. The movie had a few weird edits that, in the 70's were hard to fix so it seems. Now in 2007, it would be very easy to fix these but because of legal reasons, they aren't allowed to. I'm ok with the weird edits, they've become part of the movie. The new movie sound is amazing. I wi
  12. Thats great! Might just suggest making your MP3 files at a minimum of 192kbps?
  13. I think the planet isn't big enough to house the attendance needed for that show. The black crowes should open for Zeppelin.
  14. I doubt very much it had anything to do with grohl.
  15. Wow, jason stole the show. Who thought it would be that good? I thought good, but not THAT good.
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