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  1. There are several people on this board who claim to have all kinds of knowledge about zeppelin and it's members. Some of them post under their own name. Others use nicknames and never back up their claims, never reveal their sources and do not identify themselves. Now, they really might be insiders and really have inside knowledge on bandmembers that noone else has. But when you think about that type of person going online, sign up for a Zeppelin forum, use a nickname and setting others straight all the time in a really arrogant, annoying way without ever explaining themselves or identifyi
  2. Hi, first post in this thread which I enjoy reading on a regular basis. Now a question about something that's a mystery to me at least. Page's back injury has been discussed here before. I've seen people hinting on different forums that the back injury was not the real reason for Page backing out of the Black Crows collaboration. Any truth to these rumours? If so, can they be discussed here?
  3. Well I can understand that Robert is frustrated that he's constantly linked to a LZ reunion when he has no plans to do so. Why RP, JP and JPJ have not been clear about it some time ago when they had the opportunity remains unclear, then. I mean, they all play an equal part when it comes to Robert's frustration. JP and JPJ by not announcing anything and RP by not giving clear answers which only leads to more speculation and rumours.
  4. Now don't get upset. No reason to. I only asked why Robert didn't answered with a simple 'NO' when he was asked if he would go on tour with Zeppelin. And he has been asked this question a lot of times in the time between the O2 and now. To my knowledge he answered in the line of 'you never know what's around the corner' to pretending to fall asleep. Not 'yes' or 'no'. So if the others have known for 'some time' I wonder how long is some time? 'Cause to the public, there was no certainty untill his official statement.
  5. I don't blame people for not believing Robert's statement. In the summer of 2007 he denied the O2 but it did happen. For now I don't think that it will. Question, how long is 'some time'? Robert only recently made a statement about not recording or touring with Zeppelin. Before that he never answered THE question in a straight forward manner. Why did he wait so long? Surely he didn't have to wait for an announcement from the others about their (individual) plans, to make his own?
  6. If you listen carefully you hear it's actually Bonzo suggesting the title. And then Plant picks it up. Bonham can be heard talking several occassions during this show as he was in a playfull mood.
  7. ^ I'd like to think the Zeppelin members would have a great laugh looking thru the caption thread. Of course they 're being presented like karikatures taken from the tales of Ricardo Cole. But I think they (the jokes) are harmless. Knebby, are you a beautifull brunette too?
  8. I think the HOTH album could benefit from a better tracklisting. TSRTS, RS and OTHAFA have a unity in chords and chord progression that should be left in tact. I'd say the weak tracks on the album are the Crunge, D'yer Mak'er and Dancing Days. You may disagree. But DM is a real love it or hate it song. Plant was very fond of it. Bonzo wasn't. JPJ didn't think it worked. Plant really pushed it onto the album. I think it would have been a better idea to release DM as a single and use the Crunge as a b-side. Now, replace the Crunge with Dancing Days. Put HOTH on as the first song on side B fo
  9. ^ This is a good account of what happened. I have a 'but' however. Zeppelin live played tight but loose. There was room for improvs, but there are also these signature music bits that function as a guide or cue to segue into the next part of a song or solo. There a tons of examples of that like in the STH solo, D&C etc. Now even if Jason miscounted, Page and Jones should have known the overhead fill comes first and then they segue into the next part. This overhead fill is a biggie in the Bonham book. So I think Page and Jones should have waited for the fill. But hey, these things happen
  10. Hi, first post. Great article. Did you know Plant also has a son who plays drums?
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