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  1. Snowmobile trails were great this weekend, put on about 200 miles around working...too bad they're about to melt...
  2. Yup, we've got two more than the six that were down already since sundown, where I am we'll get 8-12 overnight and 4 more tomorrow.
  3. I live for snow. Bring it on. Except for the fact that I leave for Florida tomorrow on a school trip but my first step when I get back will be to open the garage door, fill up with gas and hit the trails.
  4. Twenties with 6 inches of snow on the ground, 12-14 on the way. Hello, snowmobiles
  5. I love this band. Had the time of my life. "The Garden" is a masterpiece.
  6. Tomorrow...soooooo excited!!!!!!!!
  7. I enjoy running, I do it five days a week, and alternate between 1.5, 3.5 and 4.5 mile routes near me. I really could use some more weight.
  8. Well, good luck, let me know how you do. Or not, if you want to keep it private. FWIW, I thought it was much worse than the SAT, but my ACT score beat my SAT score-conversion, and not by a little.
  9. Why? I didn't take it until the end of junior year. And it's not really something to study for, if you're good at school in general you'll do fine.
  10. Power Windows Bacon: Delicious, or disgusting?
  11. Alex Lifeson Flannel Shirts or Hoodies (for warmth)
  12. This, definately. My favorite LZ song for a while, still top five. I don't like Fool in the Rain.
  13. Saw them when I was like eight, but don't remember much, it was at a crappy venue too, where this is in first niagra center in Buffalo. I know it will be literally one of the highlights of my life when I die.
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