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  1. Agree with everything you said there.
  2. He's right tho, Jack and Samson and ROR and Risto, ridiculous potential there.
  3. beginning of the end for quenneville in chicago methinks
  4. Dayum, Montreal laid an egg.
  5. Yeah, I'm very happy with the deal, and to see the official rebuild begin. But just picturing those two saying goodbye to each other actually put me in tears.
  6. Vanek drove Pominville to the airport...
  7. The Wings are not rebuilding. The Blue jackets are rebuilding. The Canadiens were rebuilding last year. The Red Wings are not rebuilding. And Rick, you are the only Sabres fan I've met who didn't think Lindy's message turned stale years ago. Time to move on. 15 years is too long without a cup. That's the bottom line.
  8. This made me a Johnson fan a few years ago. Awesome.
  9. there is only speculation in sabre land as well. I think there might be a move for darcy to try and save his skin. Otherwise, probably not.
  10. I get what you mean, he was listed as the 3rd most likely coach on some list online. However, the laviolette pipedream is really just mine, I haven't seen anything about him in the media...and Rick, why not? His timeouts are legendary, his teams always work hard, he knocked two of our teams out of the playoffs.
  11. I hope philly keeps tanking, and we get a shot at lavvy.
  12. I cried a little today. Right move. Today, we remember, and enjoy the memories. Tomorrow, we March onwards, and we don't stop until the cup is being held in the air by a sabres captain.
  13. This was a Pegula decision. I suspect darcy has until the end of the year. If we miss the playoffs, he'll go too. They need a cleaning, top to bottom. It was time, the players weren't playing for him. They'll hire Patrick or rolston from Rochester for the rest of the season, and begin the coach search, and hire someone (hopefully no ties to the franchise) when they feel they have the right man.
  14. Lindy Ruff, thank you so much for the memories you have given us sabres fans, and for the effort you have given every day of your playing and coaching career. You will always be a face of the sabres franchise, and I wish you luck with all of your future endeavors. "Go out there and run 'em." I'm honestly crying right now. It's a new era, bring it on.
  15. It's hard to say if they will respond. I'd like to think so. And please, you're killing me with your spelling of Pominville. As bad as it is, we're 3 pts out with 33 games left. Anything is possible.
  16. Vanek is part of a failed post-drury/briere core. I wouldn't seek to be rid of him, but if the return was equal or better I'd certainly take it. You have to give up something to get something. That said, I also wouldn't be upset if vanek played his whole career here.
  17. My untouchables are as follows: Ehrhoff Grigorenko Foligno/Girgensons (have to keep one) Let the fire sale commence. Our captain's name is spelled P O M I N V I L L E.
  18. It's spelled Pominville. Normally, I wouldn't care, but he's the captain. That was a very entertaining game, and I thought we played them well. Play like that the next five games, we should win all of them. Miller vs Fleury was an awesome battle to watch.
  19. The east does have freebees: NYI, WAS, BUF, FLA, CAR to an extent...
  20. With regards to foligno, I think and hope he will someday be the next sabre captain. Dude wants to win, badly. The kaleta fight was kind of funny, he didn't want to go, then was punched anyway after the refs didn't step in, so he let him have it. Best fight I've seen this year. And I enjoy how the team gets up for Boston,, they don't get run over anymore.
  21. Oh, I know, not riding Vanek, he can't carry the team every game. I just wish that when he doesn't score, others might chip in a little. You know, the Staffords/Gerbes/Folignos. And forget about Bernier, what if we could use Myers in a package for a stud center or Dustin Brown from LA?
  22. The officiating was brutal, both ways, but I wouldn't list it as a reason we lost. When vanek isn't scoring, it puts a spotlight on how brutal our secondary scoring is.
  23. Rick, I'm beginning to think your incessant trash talking before games, generally unwarranted, is what has jinxed us to this horrible start. Haha just kidding, we just suck.
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