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  1. At least they Got The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd in there somewhere alongside Queen and Stones, very much the best of British music.
  2. How do you know its in for 15 secs ? did you go to the rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony yesterday night ?
  3. Bass players do get a raw deal in general.
  4. Well I agree if he were alive of course they would ask him to play in The Who, and although with the P/P thing if JPJ had been asked to join it would have the Zep connotations, but they did play alot of Zep stuff, it just comes across to the untrained eye and ears as being a bit bad that JPJ wasn't asked or explained too (maybe he was). With the "glad they remembered my number" at the award kinda shows he wasn't. Its all playground stuff really, 2 are mates 3 is a crowd, we have all been in JPJ situation.
  5. I think for me it was his best tour in 1988, saw him a few times that year and have fond memories, think It Bites opened on some of them. It was a good band (Robert's not It Bites) and twith he mixture of solo and at last some Zeppelin material worked so well. Enough time had passed for him to play some after carving out his post Zep career with the first 3 albums of solo material. Having said that Robbie Blunt and co in the band were also top notch. All good really.
  6. Johnny With the few days I have had on this forum I had a hunch you wouldn't agree, but they were a one off and I didn't say that other bands were or not revered. Your reply seems strange as mine was only full of praise for them. Your comment comes across as dumb in reply to mine.
  7. As this thread is hosted by SAJ, is he part of the Zep organisation ? having a thread with his name in it makes it sound very important.
  8. Its great to read all the great comments from other artists, good comments too, it show they had on Popular music, they were a one off.
  9. As I say in the post it has given some of the worse, but not all...I like Rock music above all music but with bands like Journey, Survivor etc etc it could be said that Rock has given us some of the worse music too, and with the bands mentioned that is dire music, like every genre of music has the same. Its just to me Country and Jazz are the biggest culprits but do have some redeeming features when you cut through all the dross. As for old Cashy and his pic, we can't have two objectionable pics on this site can we, and also being the same one too. I joined thinking hey how cool it would be to have a pic of a man sticking his middle finger up at you, then realising it came across as childish, so it went for something a little more aesthetically pleasing to the eye, instead of going for the shock factor.
  10. Most of Led Zeppelin's first LP like Dazed and Confused, I Can't Quit You Babe, re working on Black Mountainside etc are all really good covers from the originals.
  11. Well you have sold it to me
  12. I always enjoyed the ending of "Stranger here than over there" before it starts on to "Big Log".
  13. just watching Some poor geezer chuck away the lead and loose the greatest prize in golf "The Open" at Royal Lytham & St. Annes Golf Course - Lancashire, England on the last few holes after leading most of the time. He must be gutted. before that The "Tour De France" where Bradley Wiggins win it for Britain.....................fantastic.
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