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  1. Gee we have had pops (excuse the puns) at Abba and now Duran Duran...thats just sacrilege.
  2. At least they Got The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Pink Floyd in there somewhere alongside Queen and Stones, very much the best of British music.
  3. The first part of your comment I agree with but not the second as It was The Brits who took American Blues in the 60's, made it popular in UK where as it took that for alot of America to realise they had it on their doorstep because of that. I do think it was to do with airplay and also the press who seemed to have a distain for Zep in UK and also their meteoric rise to fame without much help from them and airplay ( biggest underground band), as Ady said in their post 8 straight number one albums in UK shows they were and are popular here, but it is without doubt America where they trampled
  4. Back when Zep were on the earth, the radio in England only really played singles, as Zeppelin didn't release singles when they were together, there wasn't any airplay, where as in America the start of FM radio, they were played all the time as they played album cuts etc. If you take Queen, they outsell Zep in UK, they had so many singles that were and still played, if you look at the stats for Queen and Zeppelin in America, Zeppelin outsell Queen by a huge amount....thats my take on it.
  5. yeldd

    JPJ name check

    So who are the bad guys and gals ?
  6. How do you know its in for 15 secs ? did you go to the rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony yesterday night ?
  7. I was going to say that too but thought better of it.
  8. yeldd

    JPJ name check

    By the way Steve I have heard good and bad things about you in the last few days since joining, but your thirst for Zep knowledge is shown in your reply to me...so for that well done...Your post of you not continuing on here was obviously a thin one and the love of Zeppelin must alway win over anything that is thrown at us. Someone tried to pick a fight with me about saying something nice about them.....I shall have to learn quick. Thanks to Zemun for your reply and info too.
  9. Bass players do get a raw deal in general.
  10. yeldd

    JPJ name check

    I could well be, he just said he has interviewed all these people in the show. If your over ther in Mexico then you must get the show live every night...as I say nothing groundbreaking.
  11. yeldd

    JPJ name check

    The presenter from Mexico has interviewed JPJ in the run up to the Games here in London along with Sports stars and Rock stars as part of their Olympic coverage. Maybe BBC have a catch up so you can watch it again. It was aired yesterday. Somehow I cant see JPJ and PG being interviewed in Dallas in 1990 has any connection to Mexico tv and them being interviewed in the past days leading up to the above Games, I know Lord Coe has had the London Olympics in his pipeline for along time but not as early as 1990.....or maybe he did.
  12. Well I agree if he were alive of course they would ask him to play in The Who, and although with the P/P thing if JPJ had been asked to join it would have the Zep connotations, but they did play alot of Zep stuff, it just comes across to the untrained eye and ears as being a bit bad that JPJ wasn't asked or explained too (maybe he was). With the "glad they remembered my number" at the award kinda shows he wasn't. Its all playground stuff really, 2 are mates 3 is a crowd, we have all been in JPJ situation.
  13. It was good seeing this live last year, he not a bad old crusty now, alot of the angst he had as a younger man has gone and seems to realy enjoy doing the shows which comes across to the audience me thinks.
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