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  1. Juvenile garbage? Sounds a lil' prude for a Zeppelin fan.
  2. Even though Mark Ratner was a nerd who didn't know Led Zeppelin it was still bad ass that he put on Kashmir.
  3. Then you built my hopes up so high then let me down so low.
  4. And for the cherry on top Bring It On Home to complete the blues masterpiece.
  5. The 1970 Albert Hall performance of How Many More Times should be required viewing in public schools as one of the heights of music in the western world, period.
  6. Considering that it wouldn't sound good as Suge Knight was the Peter Grant of west coast hip hop and that this isn't the forum for Death Row Records I think the way it's phrased is okay.
  7. Peter Grant was the Suge Knight of English rockers agree or disagree? Scott W.
  8. Funny thing you mention this though. I mostly listen to their bootleg recordings or other live stuff or a big playlist of my favorite album stuff on random. But today I made a playlist of Physical Graffiti so I could listen to all the songs in the correct order.
  9. My commute is short, only about 10 minutes, so I'm not able to listen to a full album or live recording (I do that at work though). However I've noticed that almost every trip between the house and the office, or vice versa, our local classic rock station almost always plays a Led Zeppelin song. My wife has noticed the same, almost weird, but I like it.
  10. Definitely have to see it in the theater if you can for the sound alone. What I'd really like to see in a theater is The Song Remains The Same. Do any theaters ever replay it?
  11. Don't feel bad, except for one person in the office who is a drummer and my wife, I'm convinced no one has any taste in music anymore. The only thing people in my age group (thirties) like for rock these days is college music which isn't really rock music, very sad.
  12. Anyone dressing up as any of the members of Led Zeppelin for Halloween? This year I was able to track down a black t-shirt with that silver Celtic looking design that Bonham used to wear. Scott W.
  13. Yeah I imagine if any artist made anything half as good I'd actually start listening to new music again.
  14. The 1970 Albert Hall version on the LZ DVD is such a masterpiece.
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