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  1. Hi Pilot! Greetings from Brazil! It was amazing, and such a pleasure to meet so many great people from the old board😍 To all the lucky ones who were there: cheers!🥂🥂🥂 😎😍❤️
  2. I am proud to say that Levee was a friend of mine, one I made in the old led zeppelin board, one of the most gentle souls I have ever met. His sense of humor was unique, we had some great conversations and I feel so sorry he's gone, I can't even put into words how bad I feel. Levee, my friend, RIP. And make the angels laugh as you made me many, many times. ledded1, well put, Beautiful indeed. Levee.....
  3. It looks like she has changed her mind and that she will be actually here, on the opening ceremony. Not that I care, really, the song sucks.
  4. https://www.google.com.br/maps/place/Arena+da+Amaz%C3%B4nia/@-3.1071257,-59.9722731,13248m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x926c1075084e24b7:0xf9b7425863b43290 There are plenty of roads to access the arena in Amazonas. Manaus is a 2,000,000 people city, the capital of Amazonas state. Strider, the song sucks. But don't worry, nobody lsiten to this shit here, it doens't play anywhere. I just want to express that this WC sucks in every single way. Billions of dollars spent on arenas and things people here don't need. And most people here are in need of the most basic things. I have always lo
  5. Thank you Deborah! I haven't been around but my love for Led Zeppelin is still the same. Hope you're doing well!
  6. Hi Pilot!! 6 years ago today! It was amazing to be there and to meet you all! Greetings from Brazil
  7. After a 25 Km hike in the mountains of El Chálten, Patagonia, Argentina
  8. You're too lovely! xoxo
  9. Lol! I will Use my car, of course! The city here is huge, there's no way I can do everything by foot. But I really try to find sometime to do my daily walking. Even when it rains a bit, I take an umbrella with me. But if there's no way of walking on the street, because it's raining too much or it's dark and late, I use my treadmill. It's really a good one, and I have never used it to hang my clothes on it! ;-) xxx
  10. Hi! I love walking, i have always tried to do things by foot! As I was in Sydney, for instance, I walked literally the whole city around, I spent a week there doing everything by foot, not even once have I taken a bus or any other kind of public transport. And I do that wherever I go to. Last time I was in Rio or in Buenos Aires, for instance, there were days I walked more than 20 km. That's how I keep fit and don't gain any weight during my vacations. ;-)
  11. I walk on a daily basis, 6 till 10 Km.
  12. Today I finally got to see Celebration Day. It was awesome. Almost as great as the real thing 5 years ago. And I cried at No Quarter....again.
  13. It was a great concert, we had a wonderful time, one could tell that Robert Plant was enjoyng his concert himself. The sound was really good, and he was just too kind to the Brazilian fans, he even ended up the encore with Rock'n'Roll. It was an awesome night.
  14. Of course not!! Yeah!!! I'm so freaking happy!!! In the theatres!!!! :cheer: Oh, that's just fantastic! And that's the beauty of living in a city like São Paulo, I sure don't have to worry if it will show here. It will. Fact.
  15. I love the artwork!! And the title, very appropriate, I think. Well, I have been around too long to know that some folks here will be dreaming of a reunion and some will get pissed off that it will most probably never happen....but I'm all for enjoying the moment. Everything new coming from Led Zeppelin is a reason to celebrate. Of course I'd love to see them all together again, but well, a DVD, a movie or whatever, is just fantastic too. We all know it's all Robert's fault....and who cares? It's also his fault (together with Jimmy's, Jonesy's and Bonzo's) the great moments Led Zeppelin's mus
  16. Perito Moreno Glacier - Patagonia, Argentina
  17. At least you got the ticket! It was no cheap adventure, for sure, I had to fly to London and I have spent 13 days in the UK (problems with the air company made me stay longer than I first expected) But it was worth every single cent.
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