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  1. Hi Pilot! Greetings from Brazil! It was amazing, and such a pleasure to meet so many great people from the old board😍 To all the lucky ones who were there: cheers!🥂🥂🥂 😎😍❤️
  2. After a 25 Km hike in the mountains of El Chálten, Patagonia, Argentina
  3. You're too lovely! xoxo
  4. Lol! I will Use my car, of course! The city here is huge, there's no way I can do everything by foot. But I really try to find sometime to do my daily walking. Even when it rains a bit, I take an umbrella with me. But if there's no way of walking on the street, because it's raining too much or it's dark and late, I use my treadmill. It's really a good one, and I have never used it to hang my clothes on it! ;-) xxx
  5. Hi! I love walking, i have always tried to do things by foot! As I was in Sydney, for instance, I walked literally the whole city around, I spent a week there doing everything by foot, not even once have I taken a bus or any other kind of public transport. And I do that wherever I go to. Last time I was in Rio or in Buenos Aires, for instance, there were days I walked more than 20 km. That's how I keep fit and don't gain any weight during my vacations. ;-)
  6. I walk on a daily basis, 6 till 10 Km.
  7. Perito Moreno Glacier - Patagonia, Argentina
  8. I don't come here as often as I used to, but my love for Led Zeppelin is still the same. Yes, it's me on the pic.
  9. Hi rewasti (and many thanks ), docron and Strider!
  10. I'm one from the "Old Guard"....here a pic of me, for those who still remember me and for those who I haven't met. Love Zep, always have, always will.
  11. I haven't posted any pics here for a looooooong time. Saying hello to old and new zep friends
  12. Isla Martillo (La Pinguinera) - Ushuaia, Argentina
  13. Perito Moreno Glacier - Patagonia, Argentina, about two weeks ago
  14. Lame camera, but THE most wonderful place
  15. Caracol Waterfall, Canela, Brazil Caí River Valley, Canela, Brazil
  16. Sydney, Australia. I took this pic almost 3 years ago
  17. One from Cathedral Cove, New Zealand
  18. Slave to Zep, I see Jimmy's pic. Can't say what is wrong. Thank you Orpheus and Redrum, for your nice comments on my pics. Lovely pics, Greenman. I took this one in an exhibition here in SP.
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