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  1. The Olympics were brilliant, the whole country got behind them. I was a bit sceptical at first and would rather have had the football world cup in England but I was won over by what I saw. It helped that the British athletes did so well.
  2. Steven Tyler still sounded great well into his 50s and he lived an Ren wilder life than Robert. What happened to Robert is what happens to all screamers, their voice eventually suffers after too much screaming. The same thing happened to Axl Rose who sounded great on Appetite For Destruction but by the time Use Your Illusion was recorded his voice wasn't as powerful or clear. Also when Robert joined Led Zep he was only 20, your voice changes quite a bit as you reach your late 20s/early 30s.
  3. My fave album would have to be VH1 followed by 1984. Fave song is Panama Fave member is Eddie of course. I think all the Van Hagar stuff is complete shit! Roth wasn't a great singer but he had attitude.
  4. In Achilles Last Stand I always thought Robert said 'and pisses on the ground', especially in the live knebworth performance. It's actually 'in pieces on the ground'
  5. Jimmy deserves at least 2nd, I've never been impressed with Clapton. Jimmy's written some of the best riffs of all time along with the greatest solo ever. IMO he deserves number 1 for the reasons listed above.
  6. Yes it might seem cool but you wouldn't want your dad to be constantly cheating on your mum and be heavily into drugs. But I'm sure he's ok now.
  7. Yes in America Led Zeppelin iv has outsold any album by the Beatles and Elvis. Like I said it's the third biggest selling album ever in the states. I know Led Zep were big in the UK but it seems to me that they were even bigger in america. And yes the rolling stones and the who get more media attention here in the UK, maybe that could be due to the fact that both groups are still performing even though half their original line up has changed.
  8. Americans like their rock music loud. In the 70s they loved the loud blues based rock like Led Zeppelin and Aerosmith. In the 80s it was hair metal and thrash metal. In the 90s it was grunge and then moving into the 2000s it was Nu Metal and pop punk. Hard rock and metal was also popular in the UK in the 80s and 90s but not to the same level as they were in America. Bands like king's of Leon, the strokes, the killers are more popular in the uk than America. Likewise soundgarden, Alice in chains, linkin park are more popular in America, I think it's simply to do with fact that they play hard ro
  9. I actually returned the early days compilation and bought the 1990 remasters instead. Which I then got signed by Jimmy
  10. Yeah this makes a lot of sense and I suppose the reason that the rollIng stones are still so popular is because they are still performing to this day! I was born in the 80s and am a 90s child. The first time I saw Led Zeppelin on TV here was in 2003 when they showed a performance of Rock N Roll from knebworth on a show called Top of the pops 2. I was just getting into rock music, I liked what I heard and bought the early days greatest hits followed by the DVD released at that time. I also got to meet Jimmy Page in 2004 when he opened a Virgin Megastore in London. He left his handprint in w
  11. To the average man on the street in the uk is more likely to have heard of the Beatles, rolling stones, the who, oasis than Led Zeppelin. Also if you look at bands who say they have been inspired by Led Zep, most of them are from America. I've noticed that the most popular form of rock in America is hard rock/metal whereas here it's Indie.
  12. You're right about that.i do think that Americans have a better taste in music, they don't just fall for hype or keep irrelevant artists popular long past their peak like they do in Europe i.e. Madonna. I much preferred the American grunge scene of the 90s to the loutish Brit Pop of Oasis and their kind.
  13. Yes obviously there are more Americans but I'm talking about relative popularity. Even one of Lady Gaga's album has sold more than any Led Zep album.
  14. Hi all, Would you say that Led Zeppelin were/are more popular in the USA than the UK? I'm 28 years old and growing up here in the UK I never really heard about them until 2003 when they released the DVD and live albums. They're not mentioned on TV as much as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who and Queen. Looking at the sales as well I can see that Led Zep sold an insane amount of albums in America. Led Zeppelin iv is the third biggest selling album in america with 23 million copies sold. If you look at the top selling albums in the UK they don't have a single album in the top 50. Why
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