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  1. Big Log is a Robert Plant solo, not Led Zep. And for someone that doesn't want to tour with Led Zeppelin, he sure plays a lot of Zep songs. Pulling our chains if you ask me. Jeff
  2. My wallet had been stolen in FL after I saw them in concert in Tampa (40 years ago today!) with my ticket stub (and many other ticket stubs). So my wife bought me the Zep t-shirt with the ticket on it! Jeff
  3. Gee! That's what Robert said 40 years ago today in Tampa! Welcome to the forum! If you can get by and ignore some of the silly stuff, like "Would Robert Plant win American Idol" and other weird things you will do fine! Jeff
  4. Today, 40 years ago, Led Zep filled Tampa Stadium with 58,000 people. And I was there!!! Anyone else on the forum that was? Jeff
  5. I have calibrated my home theater system (with Audyssey and a sound meter). I sit appox. 12 ft. from my Sony 55" HDTV. I have done the "sub crawl" to get the optimum sub location, and the sound has improved greatly. The bass is much tighter and noticeable just like it should be. The mixing of this concert is really not that great though. Sometimes you can hear Jimmy's guitar and sometimes not. Roberts voice gets lost in the sound of the band from time to time. But again, as stated above, I'll take what I can. Jeff
  6. I find this hard to believe that Led Zep is number 7? And I'm not saying this as one of these forums deranged members. The Beatles are number one in sales, etc. true. But In the not to distant past, it was reported that Led Zep had just passed Elvis (who is not on the list here) in all time record sales, which puts Led Zep at number 2 of course. Where was this list from? Jeff
  7. The O2 version of Kashmir is by far the most powerful live song EVER recorded. It's classic Zep raw power. Jeff
  8. I wanted to share a story with you folks. I'm not to sure where to put it, so here it goes. I'm calibrating my subwoofer (to you audiophiles it's the sub crawl) which is to find the spot in my listening area where the bass is tight and deep. So I'm using Kashmir from Celebraton Day since the bass is consistant. My 20 year old daughter comes home and after a while she said "what's the name of this song again" I said Kashmir. "Oh yeah, I love that song, it's so cool"!!! Then she sits on the couch and listens to Stairway To Heaven right through to Kasmir! My better half told me later that our dau
  9. I have several CD's of Pink Floyd, Dark Side Of The Moon, SACD is just amazing to say the least. The sound scape is what the album was supposed to do..blow us away. I want to get Wish You Were Here on SACD but it's really pricey. Jeff
  10. Yes, it was a lot of people! I saw some friends I went to school with in the picture, but it didn't seem as crowded as it looks. Jeff
  11. I have it on my DVR and watched it again. I agree with you, seeing Yo Yo Ma dancing in his seat and having a good time was priceless! Jeff
  12. I was going to get tics for U2 but they were behind the stage so we said no. Saw Pink Floyd in 87 like you. Great show! Wasn't Monsters of Rock with VH, The Scorpions, etc? Jeff
  13. When I saw Zep in 73 I believe they had their own PA system. I say this because when I look at other pics from that year at other venues it's the same. So it's safe to assume that they had their own PA system they brought with them. The sound in 73 was perfect. And I was about on the 30 yd line off to the side on JPJ's side. Jeff
  14. Saw VH 7 times. 5 times with David and twice with Sammy. EVERY time I saw them with David they just kicked serious butt, EVERY single time I saw them with Sammy they just didn't have that same energy nor that same VH sound. The 1st was their debut when they "warmed up" for Black Sabbath. Warmed up?? No, they blew Sabbath off the stage, and Sabbath was really good. The last was in 2007 with the reunion tour in Phoenix. That concert was a close 2nd with the 1st concert for sound and energy. I'm just curious as to why the band has not released a Blu Ray of the 07 reunion tour?! Jeff
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