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  1. Today, 40 years ago, Led Zep filled Tampa Stadium with 58,000 people. And I was there!!! Anyone else on the forum that was? Jeff
  2. I have calibrated my home theater system (with Audyssey and a sound meter). I sit appox. 12 ft. from my Sony 55" HDTV. I have done the "sub crawl" to get the optimum sub location, and the sound has improved greatly. The bass is much tighter and noticeable just like it should be. The mixing of this concert is really not that great though. Sometimes you can hear Jimmy's guitar and sometimes not. Roberts voice gets lost in the sound of the band from time to time. But again, as stated above, I'll take what I can. Jeff
  3. I find this hard to believe that Led Zep is number 7? And I'm not saying this as one of these forums deranged members. The Beatles are number one in sales, etc. true. But In the not to distant past, it was reported that Led Zep had just passed Elvis (who is not on the list here) in all time record sales, which puts Led Zep at number 2 of course. Where was this list from? Jeff
  4. The O2 version of Kashmir is by far the most powerful live song EVER recorded. It's classic Zep raw power. Jeff
  5. Saw VH 7 times. 5 times with David and twice with Sammy. EVERY time I saw them with David they just kicked serious butt, EVERY single time I saw them with Sammy they just didn't have that same energy nor that same VH sound. The 1st was their debut when they "warmed up" for Black Sabbath. Warmed up?? No, they blew Sabbath off the stage, and Sabbath was really good. The last was in 2007 with the reunion tour in Phoenix. That concert was a close 2nd with the 1st concert for sound and energy. I'm just curious as to why the band has not released a Blu Ray of the 07 reunion tour?! Jeff
  6. I was on YouTube the other night and caught Zeps performance at Kezar Stadium in 73. It sounded pretty good on my computer. Sadly the next day the content was blocked due to copyright protection! Jeff
  7. Everyone has the right to their own opinion and that's the intent of the OP. Let's give Jimmy the benefit of the doubt. He's not what he once was, BUT, this is our (pun intended) our Swan Song of the band playing maybe their last live show. I'll take what I'm given. Maybe if the mixing was better this concert would have sounded much better. When I saw them in Tampa in 73 I heard EVERYTHING, all the instruments, all the singing. If you listen to the band from 73 their tone was unbelivable. Jimmy captured this in several songs. Misty Mountain Hop and Kashmir come to mind. Jeff
  8. Move forward to Misty Mountain Hop and Kashmir. And even though I spent the extra money for the rehearsal, I watched it once and that should be it. Not crazy with the sound of it. I would have liked ALL the rehearsals but that could be reaching! Jeff
  9. The concert was shot with a 1:78:1 aspect ratio. The grainy film was not. Jeff
  10. I still haven't unpacked my cd's as yet so hang in there! I can't get by the girl in the audience and her high pitched screaming, she is REALLY annoying... Jeff
  11. The layer change on DVD's are well known, but this is different. There is an software issue with some peoples sets. For example, I have the movie Stargate on Blu Ray. There was an issue with the disk not playing the movie, it would be stuck on the menu. The studio replaced it. It happens and the studio or whomever released it has to know so they can fix the problem. Jeff
  12. Disagree. Why settle? This is supposed to be enjoyable! Zeps concert is not the first DVD or Blu Ray to have issues of one kind or another. Now that I think about it, my surround speakers have a delay when I first put on a song. After that, no problems. We should write the company that released the concert. If they get enough responses they could fix it and reissue us new versions. Jeff
  13. They "redid" the sound for the 1st 2 songs. When you listen to the You Tube version of Good Times and Ramble On, there is a TON of feedback. This is missing on the offical release. I'm wondering if that has something to do with the sound on the release. Plus many have said Zep didn't get into the groove till Black Dog. You will notice a huge difference in the energy from Black Dog on. I'm not bragging in any way shape or form. But i have a Rythmik FV15 subwoofer. I have it with both plugs open and I cleanly get down to 18hz with no problem. I had a hard time hearing the bass on Good Times Bad Times myself. Again, I'm moving into a new house, after I'm settled in I will calibrate my eq and then will give a review of the Blu Ray. What ever the sound is, it simply blows away The Song Remains The Same in a big way. Jeff
  14. Same here, except when I played Kashmir last night the audio didn't come on right away. It only happens when I go to a chapter and not the whole disc. It could be a software issue in the DVD or Blu Ray. Jeff
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