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  1. Have to agree with everyone else - they don't 'owe' anything. But I was at the gig last night and it would be a crime not to take something that beautiful on tour. It was awesome.
  2. Have a zep nite, DVD's, documentaries, bring out the old vinyl. All I can suggest, Big Hugs
  3. I'll be there - is this weekend already the longest in history (9.50am sat) - RugbyRockChick
  4. It's 9.50 sat am and this is officially the longest weekend ever.
  5. Ronnie - Awesome! Nice choice in T's - and reasonably priced too!
  6. SO DID I!!!!!! I can't beleive it, utterly stunned. The GOLDEN TICKET in rock and roll...suddenly everyone thinks I'm wonderful wanting my +1 ticket - but it's already promised! I'm in the Gods - but I'll be there. Rock on!
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