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  1. just so you know, they are $5 each. So a pair would be $10.
  2. I only saw one Merchandise table a couple of mens and women shirts to choose from(The Led Zeppelin Experience), I think 2 basic prints but maybe 5 or 6 different shirts? $30 autographed drum head $30 Jason's "used" drumsticks $5 and lanyards Nothing unauthorized that I saw.
  3. just got back from the Milwaukee show.. I'm So Glad I went. Fantastic. Well Done Jason. I loved "the experience".
  4. I am so tempted to go to this show... anyone going? Or need to sell a ticket?
  5. Love that song too. And love pulling that album out for a good listen. I can't pick my favorites, it's too hard. All I know is Song to the Siren would be on the list.
  6. Oh yeah, I'm Gonna Crawl.... add that to my list.
  7. He was/is great and at the time I thought he looked great... but now, looking back... he, no wait, we all looked pretty silly in the 80's.
  8. This is really hard but I might have to say Kashmir In My Time of Dying That's the Way Stairway Battle of Evermore ~I could go on but I'll stop there. Raising Sand I think is all beautiful and I've been listening to Fate of Nations again recently and I'm loving it. and I agree "..and if I say to you tomorrow..." just lovely
  9. me too! I saw the movie and now I'm about have way through the first book. Love it!
  10. I can't choose... too many good lines to choose from.
  11. on a lighter note... Happy St. Patrick's Day.... If you're lucky enough to be Irish... You're lucky enough! May the road rise to meet you...
  12. I saw JPJ with Diamanda.... I had no idea who she was. I just went to see them because of JPJ.... I was front and center and was absolutely shocked when she started performing. Knowing I was going to see JPJ, I could not have imagined that was the concert I was going to see. Interesting to hear him talk about not playing Zeppelin. They didn't play any when I saw them but at one small point in the concert I swear he teased us with a quick lick of a Zeppelin bass line.. I want to say Dazed and Confused, but I can't quite remember which song it was.
  13. All The King's Horses *****listening right now***** (just wants to add, I love the guitar in this song)
  14. Is that the one where the 4 of them are in a field? If so, yeah that one will catch your eye.
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