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  1. I've definitely gone to a few shows by myself, The Led Zeppelin Experience being one of them. (so glad I went!) and also paid the eBay price for one of Robert's shows to sit front row.. I couldn't think of anyone else who would want to pay for their own overpriced ticket and go with me, so I went alone. So worth it!
  2. there is one show listed on his facebook for April 2012 with the Band of Joy, listed under concerts. But nothing listed on his website.
  3. Robert Plant's Facebook page has a concert listing for The Band of Joy at Wanee Music Festival 2012, the website for Wanee doesn't list him yet but thought I would mention it here.
  4. website is running much smoother now.. I love it. I love that you can add the concerts you've attended, so cool. Sadly that is only 2 for me..
  5. Yea!!! I've been checking it out, looking through photos, and yeah, it's going a bit slow but I imagine they have a few things to work out and maybe there are a few too many people on there right now? Cool!
  6. yeah, sorry, it didn't work the first time. (and it is huge when you click on it, sorry. it's on the black crowes facebook photo page.)
  7. Yes! Kat and I request Robert Plant and the Band of Joy to come to Alpine Valley. (ok, that should do it Kat)
  8. yeah, Kat, I'm sure the lawn crowd was a bit more into it the entire show. Next time he should come to Alpine Valley. I hope it doesn't take too long for him to come around again.
  9. the people in the Pavilion were very... well behaved? just all sitting down.. ok kinda lame, but I think Ravinia has memberships where members have early access to tickets. There were a lot of people who just didn't seem like the usual crowd at a Robert Plant show. I am not kidding, I was in the front row to the left and the man next to me was sleeping! and the wife was checking her phone the whole time. I probably should have moved to to sit by the lady who was one of the few who stood up and btw, played air guitar the whole time. At least she was having fun! The encore was awesome.
  10. ^just kidding. I know that a ton of people would go on a Zeppelin cruise, especially if you got The Led Zeppelin Experience to go too.
  11. a led zeppelin cruise, that would go over like....
  12. ^loved that Ramble On, Silver Rider. Looking forward to seeing this!
  13. What's everyone's thoughts about more tour dates? Do you think this is it for this album or will there be another leg?
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