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  1. As stated above. "bootleg ears" might be needed. I remember when I first began listening to certain bootlegs it sounded almost incoherent(that might be an exaggeration) but after a certain period my ears adjusted and I was able to notice the details. Heck one of my favorite gigs 1970/09/19 Evening show isa pretty good audience recording and I prefer it to some soundboards of the period.
  2. I am among the many people that want a upgrade for Bath 1970, but it would be interesting if Bath 1969 exists.....or even the 1st Albert hall show in June 1969. I would really kill for another show for 1968!! .
  3. I enjoy the show as well. Although I have missed recent episodes.
  4. I assume we are talking about albums. If so then I personally prefer side 2 of Abbey Road, it is a fun ride!!
  5. I wan to say HMMT but there are some(if not all) D&C from the European 73 tour that kick ass!
  6. WOW! Thanks for the input everyone. This will definitely keep me busy on my free time
  7. Thanks for the contribution DAS. Would you have any other recommendations of blues virtuosos from this period Strider? I already checked out that album that Clapton did with the bluesbreakers and I enjoyed that.
  8. So I was listening(for the 1st time mind you) to the debut album of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and I was really liking Mike Bloomfield's playing. So my question is if anyone has any recommendations for anything I should hear from Bloomfield?
  9. Well after having more time on my hands, I have listened to empire pool and Brussels. I was In Rock n Roll bliss Empire pool had a spectacular version of You Can't Always Get What You Want. Strider I agree with Nutrocker in that I'd like to hear more of this experience if possible....
  10. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm currently listening to the Perth 1973 show and I'm really enjoying this one! Any recommendations for 1972?
  11. Thanks for the reply Strider! I was beginning to think that no one was a stones fan here or I posted this in the wrong section haha. As for the Brussels show, I have heard some people arguing to get the boot rather than the actual release. What is your take on it?
  12. Does anybody have any "unofficial" recordings you can you recommend? I have two Madison square garden shows from 69 Altamont 69 Detroit 69 Baltimore 69 Essen 70 Paris 9/24/70 Leeds 71 Philadelphia Special (1972)
  13. Thanks for the reply, I'm going to track down a sample of each available release of this show and let my ears decide.
  14. So it seems that Godfather has released their own version of this show by the title of Final Rendez-Vous. Does anybody know how that compares to what was released on the net?
  15. upon further searching I have found that someone made a topic about this already. Thanks for the suggestions the shows mentioned are frequently played in my collection
  16. So I discovered this show a few weeks ago, and my 1st reaction was "HOLY CRAP ANOTHER SHOW FROM 69!" I haven't seen anybody talk about it around here....or maybe people have and I just missed it. Has anyone heard this one? My favorite part of the show was during HMMT because it included Whole Lotta Love! and here I am hoping that more shows surface from the early period....and hopefully a show from the New Yardbirds era
  17. If it does exist then I hope it sees the light of day soon.
  18. There's a soundboard available for that show?!
  19. Well guys due to me not having internet connection for a long time I was unable to interact with you all. First of all, how are you all doing? Hopefully your love all things Blimp related still burns strong as mines!! I just wanted to know if I missed anything....have any new shows/sources surfaced?
  20. Winston Remaster is the way to go for this one in my opinion. Still waiting on that complete Long Tall Sally........
  21. I believe the song was also played on 2nd in Oakland
  22. It is true! The volume was so low that I could hear the guy next to me speak to his wife. Everyone was furious because after constant yelling to turn up the volume, they still could not get it to work they even paused a few times during the film. It wasn't until people began to leave their seats and walking into the other room where the movie was also being shown, that the theater staff actually began to acknowledge our cries!
  23. The Volume issue also happened over here, but after constant complaints they started it over again full blast and gave us all free movie passes ;}
  24. how does that compare to the previous versions?
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