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  1. Thanks for the contribution DAS.

    Would you have any other recommendations of blues virtuosos from this period Strider?

    I already checked out that album that Clapton did with the bluesbreakers and I enjoyed that.

  2. So I was listening(for the 1st time mind you) to the debut album of The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, and I was really liking Mike Bloomfield's playing. So my question is if anyone has any recommendations for anything I should hear from Bloomfield?

  3. 1969: Either Jan. 10, 1969 San Francisco or the 1969 Super Show(even though the video is edited, it still smokes...love Jimmy's tone with the Dragon Tele and WEM amp combo).

    1970: Jan. 9, 1970 RAH

    1971:Sept. 29, 1971 Osaka, Japan

    1972: June 25, 1972: LA Forum

    1973: March 24, 1973 Offenburg

    1975: March 12, 1975 Long Beach Arena

    How could I have overlooked Osaka, tough choice I think I might have to change my opinion on Orlando
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