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  1. Mines are: 4-1-71 9-14-71 6-25-72 7-21-73 7-29-73 3-12-75 3-21-75 5-18-75 5-24-75 5-25-75 6-23-77 7-24-79 Yeah I know, 3 that I put are from Earls Court
  2. So I have Collage and replaced that with The Devil's Blues....so this Dadgad version is the definitive version available now?
  3. I believe that by the April shows Jimmy was using the Les Paul
  4. I just love seeing for myself how this 5 or 6 minute song evolved through out the years into a 30 minute plus epic.
  5. 1969: As Long As I Have You For Your Love Communication Breakdown Dazed And Confused Heart Breaker 1970: We're Gonna Groove I Can't Quit You Communication Breakdown Since I've Been Loving You How Many More Times Whole Lotta Love 1971: Immigrant Song/Heartbreaker Since I've Been Loving You Thank You Whole Lotta Love Black Dog Stairway To Heaven 1972: Immigrant Song/HeartBreaker Acoustic Set Dancing Days Rock And Roll 1973: Over The Hills And Far Away The Song Remains The Same/Rain Song Stairway To Heaven Dazed And Confused The Ocean Since I've Been Loving You 1975: Stairway To Heaven Trampled Underfoot Kashmir Over The Hills And Far Away The Song Remains The Same/Rain Song 1977: Kashmir Achilles Last Stand Ten Years Gone No Quarter 1979: Hot Dog In The Evening Kashmir Achilles Last Stand 1980......well I can't really make a list because as embarrassing as it is, I have not heard any shows from that year.
  6. How could I have overlooked Osaka, tough choice I think I might have to change my opinion on Orlando
  7. That's The Way 9-19-70 Evening show R.I.P Jimi Hendrix
  8. Okay so here are mine: 8/31/69 Dallas,Texas 9/4/70 Los Angeles, California 8/31/71 Orlando, Florida 6/25/72 Los Angeles, California 3/16/73 Vienna, Austria 3/21/75 Seattle, Washington
  9. I would like to know what your favorite version of Dazed And Confused is from each year that it was performed. So for example: your favorite from '69, '70, and so on.......... Not really going to include '68 because there is only one known recorded live version of it.
  10. I never really thought this thread would really get going, but anyhow I'm the same as most of you. I started out with a little bit then I found myself seeking out all these shows after I got a taste of live Zepp :} One thing I want to add is were you guys a little put off by some of the poorer sounding boots and how long did it take your ears to get adjusted to the sound? That is if they ever got use to it...... I find myself gong back to some shows that at the time I thought sounded pretty bad and found myself really enjoying them. June 28 Bath 1970 would be an example. I believe its not at all bad, I really like this show (perhaps its due to the dadgad remaster I got).
  11. Thanks for the responses! I enjoyed reading your stories. One of my early encounters was when I was browsing youtube for different versions of little Richard's Long Tall Sally. One of my favorite renditions being the Beatles take on it (not just saying that because they are one of my favorite bands). Suddenly I noticed on the related videos that apparently there was a Led Zeppelin version of the song. I immediately clicked on it!! and for the next 7 minutes I was blown away!!! I knew that I had to have that song along with the whole concert, and after much research I was finally able to track down Led Zeppelin's concert at the Royal Albert Hall January 9 1970! Soon after I began to seek out more shows and was also on a quest to acquire all known recorded versions of Long Tall Sally that Led Zeppelin performed. Till this day Led Zeppelin continues to surprise me (especially during medleys).
  12. I believe the soundchecks are from July 6, and its always nice to hear them jam on old rock nroll tunes. Wasn't Belfast the 1st performance of Stairway?
  13. What are the best availabe versions of the 2 last nights at Earls court? I have yet to hear both shows in their entirety.
  14. What Led Zeppelin bootleg made a lasting impression on you? One that served as a gateway to you realizing that you need to go check out some more boots.
  15. I have the June 25 show from genuine masters and well its currently my favorite.
  16. I'm curious to know what release is the best for this show. I currently have Jazz Rock (Tarantura).
  17. The Devil's Blues! I just love those April Fillmore shows.
  18. I was wondering what the best version available of this show is? Some people recomended god fathers relase while others the winston remaster.
  19. 1970 was a great year! The Royal Albert Hall, Montreux Switzerland, Bath festival, and Madison Square Garden just to name a few.
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