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  1. I was pretty lucky, as not only did I get to see them perform in a small club (Bowery Ballroom, NYC), but it was just after Up had come out. They played a lot from Up and IIRC, they didn't tour for that album.
  2. Thanks so much for posting that! Today I listened to Accelerate and Collapse today in memoriam, but I remain quite saddened by this news. Regardless of all the intellectual arguments being posed for their break up, emotionally it's going to be rough for me, for awhile at least. R.E.M. opened up a whole world of music to me. Before them, I listened to Pink Floyd 24/7. For a long time, they were my favorite band. (pearl jam is my favorite these days, which makes that video all the more touching for me) Saw them twice on the Green tour, once on the Monster tour and once for Accelerate. They w
  3. No, I prefer to stay on topic. In this case, though I was aware of both songs, I never had any idea that they were the same band. Still, they aren't a one hit wonder and therefore I withdraw my suggestion. I will add these two:
  4. I remember that one. Nice choice! Here's another: (I know, he had other hits, but I LOVE this song.) Here's another one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GylirgHFqeQ and one more for good measure:
  5. Good point. I was totally kidding anyway.
  6. I posted that earlier: (It Happened Yesterday)
  7. I don't know why. I loved (and very much still love) that song. It's fun to sing and is very uplifting. Great vocals from Kate Pierson too.
  8. Sorry, when I want cheery I look to the Beatles or maybe Stevie Wonder. Loneliness sucks though, so I know what you mean. All too well, in fact.
  9. Video for It Happened Today: http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/03/03/pop-song-2011-the-video-for-r-e-m-s-it-happened-today/
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