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  1. I recently read that Jim Morrison apparantly sang on a beatles record "Happiness is a warm gun" Sept 68. Out of all the beatles biographies ive ever read ive never come across this, but it seems to be all over the internet. Jus wondered if anyone else had heard anymore on this??
  2. Thanks Steve. I Just wondered thats all. Ive never saw any other documentation on it other than in his books too. Which was slightly different to what Amado had told me himself. No worries mate, cheers.
  3. Hi Steve, just wondering if yourself or anyone can vouch for Jimmy meeting Amado Crowley, in the early 70's?? Apparantly Jimmy offered him £5000 for a set of tarot cards, which he refused. £5000 being a hell of lot more than its worth nowadays too!. Just wondered if anyone has anymore knowledge of this. Ive never doubted Amado in this, jus wondered if anyone has anymore on it. Cheers.
  4. Ive jus bought Light & Shade, Conversations with Jimmy Page,last week from Ebay.com, hasnt came yet though, takes a little longer shipping it to Uk. Cant wait to get it
  5. First of all everyone is entitled to there opinion on music, pretty simalar to women haha Its not that Harrisons solo stuff was poor on all things must pass, it was overdubed to hell, even he admitted that himself. But since youtubes come on the scene, theres been a whole lotta bootlegs of jus him and his guitar , which are amazing. His last album Brainwashed was by far his best in my opinion. If you aint heard of Joe, have a listen its spot on. I dont think you can compare Zeppelin to the Beatles. The beatles were the studio masters, and Zeppelin were the live kings by far. I cant really wholeheartly say tht as i wasnt there, but have seen everything there is to see of them both on visual. Its jus different in it. One reviewer summed it up, the 60 was the beatles, and the 70;s was Zeppelins. There ramble over now haha
  6. im 36 and my only Zeppelin gig was the reunion in 2007. Saw Plant 5 times solo but never Pagey or Jonesey.
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