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  1. Nothing major happens for ages in Zep world, and then wham ,loads of great new stuff to look forward to happy days.
  2. I already have the book truth and beauty, got it from ebay from the states, its quality as its straight from the horses mouth.
  3. Yes it was a good humourous interview, he played along well to it., one of his better interviews. .
  4. Its a good book, well put together, and the words come from the mans mouth, which is priceless.
  5. Yea i remember reading in an interview he'd been to the hebridies to see iron age forts. Didnt he say in the late 70's he;d considered becoming a teacher??? Id always been curious what his outtake was on Thelema and esoteric stuff, obvisiously because he was aware of all this being by Jimmy. I saw an interview on youtube he done in Sweden i think in 2002(ish) and he mentions he believes in something of a Godhead but he didnt know what. I think the interviewer asked him what did he think happened to Karac and Bonzo. As i said earlier in this topic stuff like that interests me, as i li
  6. Well he first went to Bron yr aur with parents when he was a child. So possibly the interest came from there. I was told by a local in Machynlleth that he thought he was, the guy was also part of the staff at Celtica, (a museum type place on the ancient Celts) Robert use to buy books from there. We;ll never know. It jus made me smile when he made reference to it in the latest press conference. It mentioned in Light and Shade too that before the reunion in the early 90's that Robert has started to read alot of the Celtic books and mythology again, So his interest has never faded
  7. To be honest i dont really talk at all. Just like to read, some great knowledge on here I didnt no were to post it, so i put it in this one.
  8. Thats the one Steve, i knew there was other celebs couldnt remember, cheers mate for recapping me. Personally i like to know what make the man tick, so i do find this stuff interesting. Same goes for all of them. Theres some good stuff in Light and Shade too, Jimmy talks a little more of the esoteric stuff, not as much as id like though.
  9. who talks shite Knebby? If it is jus an interest what do you do then? jus dont say nothing? im only new on here so i dont really know the rules of what u can make threads or what you cant.
  10. No worries Superstatic, just thought id post it. For those who dont know who Owan Glyndwr is. Owain was a welsh ruler who rebelled against the english, he was the last welsh prince of wales too, theres loads on the net about him, Not sure how Robert came about to have this fasciation of him, would love to know though. The original parliment house is still in machynlleth,where Glyndwr held his council. Its in damn good nick too!!
  11. After watching last nights press conference, and hearing Roberts funny regarding Glyndwr and channeling through the lyrics to stairway, i just thought id post on here, i wasnt sure if anyones mentioned it on here before. Roberts always had a fascination for the welsh prince. In 2004 he gave money towards a bronze statue in a small town called Pennal in wales near Machynlleth. I was stayin with my wife in a near by cottage and missed the revealing by a few days, but i managed to go down a few days later and see the statue. I think a few welsh sports personalities through in for it too.
  12. Got my copy of Light and Shade today from American ebay Cant wait to read it I wont put any of the info on here as i dont want to spoil it for anyone, but if anyone wants to know any information feel free to ask
  13. Does anyone know if there is a video recording of this??? i know theres bootleg audios, not sure about video footage of it.
  14. I recently read that Jim Morrison apparantly sang on a beatles record "Happiness is a warm gun" Sept 68. Out of all the beatles biographies ive ever read ive never come across this, but it seems to be all over the internet. Jus wondered if anyone else had heard anymore on this??
  15. Thanks Steve. I Just wondered thats all. Ive never saw any other documentation on it other than in his books too. Which was slightly different to what Amado had told me himself. No worries mate, cheers.
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