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  1. can't stop looking at the third one
  2. this is how Robert makes me feel
  3. this looks like Robert is taking a selfie
  4. i love having the younger and older robert to fantasize about .
  5. i would love to just jump on top of that and LICK LICK LICK
  6. i want some of this for christmas
  7. i can't stop looking at this
  8. i feel like the envelope is covering up something big
  9. i think robert himself has made fun of the mullet from the 80s he had. i think everyone agrees it was not a good look .
  10. i see robert is wearing the pretty floral prints that only he could pull off. in his younger days he would have worn them like this
  11. it says regina mccrary. it was some music awards show or festival or something like that.
  12. i think this is a recent pic. not sure if he is back together with Patty but it's good to see they are at least still friends .
  13. JP78

    Hot pics of Jimmy

    it really is a nice pic. looks artistic
  14. Robert you silly thing, let me kiss you
  15. he is so funny , love his "SIRRR" and "commoner peter gabriel"
  16. nobody else can make jeans look so good
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