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  1. "Robert Plant - Whole Lotta Love - Sky Arts Talks Music 2014" (2:34 m) an 'unplugged' sort of excerpt ...
  2. The former Led Zeppelin frontman speaks - 8:16 min - to Last.fm about his new album "lullaby and... The Ceaseless Roar" = a fine compact comment on why it became spaceshifting now : "passion ... no tears, no blood ..." ps sorry, when this was posted already ps-2 more on "Embrace Another Fall" in particular here
  3. Robert Plant and The Sensational Space Shifters perform Little Maggie on Later... with Jools Holland, BBC Two (28 October 2014).
  4. A TimesTalks Conversation with Robert Plant Friday, Oct. 10, 2014 TheTimesCenter, 242 West 41st Street, NYC listen and watch while it stays available ...
  5. NPR replay is "on" again until 28 October ...
  6. here the slightly edited version of the audio-interview as video ( = almost friendly Studio Q talk with Jian Ghomeshi - duration 29:10 m )
  7. yesterday the BAM-Sunday-Show replay was alive and well (from the time point of view 'Central European Time') ... possible reason for "not currently available": Toronto, Denver and Los Angeles shows are NOT sold out RP-tweet-pointer to the NPR replay site was set quite recently: 10 h ago so there is hope to study the beautiful "more quite" performance at BAM in more detail sooner or later over and over again ...
  8. here is a summary link - Plant-interview + Band-live -- Rainbow -- Little Maggie -- Pocketful Of Golden -- Turn It Up this link should last for 40 days ... [ do prefer the 180-min-link above, because the audio is louder ... ]
  9. BBC Radio 6 Music 180 min show from yesterday audio available for another 5 days (or so) only ... Plant section - with live music in the studio - starts at 02:08:40 ... ( and lasts for almost 40 min )
  10. most interesting interview (18:25) with Robert ... incl. looking back on 'Raising Sand' and 'Migthy ReArranger' gets a big nod too ...
  11. ... maybe with a next album and new material in mind: "He and Lanois revisited several songs they recorded and shelved in 2010 after sessions for a follow-up to Plant and Alison Krauss’s 2007 Grammy-winning Raising Sand were scrapped." found here ps: I feel such a next production should/could make best use of the current Sensational Space Shifters combo.
  12. odd - no Patty solo clips from these shows so far ... two "let there be (more) light" clips from the first show:
  13. Set List: "Flaming Red" "Chief" "House Of Gold" "Love Throw A Line" "Poor Man’s House" "I’m Gonna Miss You When You’re Gone" (speculative – not yet released) "No Bad News" enter Robert Plant "Ohio" "In The Mood" "Black Country Woman" "Cold As It Gets" "What Is And What Should Never Be" "Tangerine" "Rich Woman" "Going To California" "Angel Dance" "Black Dog" found here more clips Black Country Woman http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gvPeW4eSeEk
  14. first clips ... more on guitarist David Pulkingham ...
  15. Austin - Joy Ride "Patty Griffin’s Saturday night show at the Continental Club, billed as “Patty Griffin and Her Driver,” reportedly sold out in 15 minutes." more here "Chances are that some tickets will be peddled out front for a pretty penny. If not, the Continental’s doors should stay open long enough for glimpses."
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