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  1. Check out thegardentapes.co.uk for a complete edit breakdown of the album. Also the boot cd series The Garden Tapes Vol 1-3 are great to hear the uncut glory of these concerts.
  2. Listening to the July 73 MSG shows. Love the improvs on the late 73 tour shows. Wish there were a better quality Pittsburgh recording.
  3. Hope it's better than the Hendrix mag he put together. Oh well, what's thirteen dollars for one or two Zep photos I haven't seen? Time to track it down.
  4. I think "I'm Gonna Crawl ' is the best track on ITTOD. Jimmy's solo has such desperation to it. A great closer.
  5. I had one built awhile back. Started life as a Fender Joe Strummer model. Doesn't get played much but it's neat to have. tank tele.bmp tank tele 3.bmp
  6. Page / Plant 1994 - 1998. They toured their butts off and released two albums. IMO that was the two of them going for it one last time, even though it wasn't Led Zeppelin. The O2 show felt like the magnificent end it should be.
  7. This promo piece has been added to the timeline memorabilia page. So cool!! Thanks!!
  8. It's a little tattered around the edges but the fact I have carried this around all these years and it has survived is a miracle.
  9. I picked this out of a record distributor's dumpster when I was twelve years old in 1969. It's a hanging two sided mobile. Does anyone have one of these ? I have never seen another one.
  10. The producers of "Gilligans Island" should also sue Zep over plagiarizing the theme song. lol . The one with the most money wins. Any lawsuits that were paid by LZ and company over the years amount to a mere drop in the bucket financially.
  11. I can't imagine my life without Zep. They have had such a huge impact on it over my 56 yrs . It was emotional to watch Celebration Day in the theater and remember seeing TSRTS on the big screen in 1976 as a nineteen year old. Their spirit is just as powerful.
  12. The greats are hard to copy. I think Jimmy Sakurai is as close as I've heard to getting Jimmy's TSRTS sound. Close, but no cigar. I think it's the soul and technique of Jimmy Page that is the essence of his sound. Just my two cents. Rock On BronYrAur!!!
  13. How The West Was Won Waiting on a copy of Cobo Hall, Detroit 73 to arrive in the mail.
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