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    Proclaiming Beastiality a sin, jabbing verbally, talking about the goodness of wholesome music, shooting animals when I am hungry, John McCain, Chuck Norris, Bob Saget, FoMoCo, TWS, LZ, and THE HARD LESSONS

  2. I am back my children.

  3. Maybe Led Zeppelin Fan? Not original enough? I guess we can still go with Led Head.
  4. I vote for anyone that has been on American Idol. Idolatry is a sin.
  5. Jaffy! Did you ever think that maybe people that like Led Zeppelin, and think that anything that sounds different sucks... may be on to something? What is wrong with making music people like? Not chic enough for you? Can't belittle people for not knowing any (INSERT RANDOM HIPSTER BAND NAME) Songs? Different Strokes for Different Folks son.
  6. Jack White is doing the Bond theme song with Alicia Keys! (old news) Jack White hurt his neck and canceled a live performance of the song in Europe (new news) Get better JACK!
  7. The Racs have unleashed new dates including a second Detroit date!!!! The Raconteurs are pleased to announce they will be performing at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK on June 29th. For more information you can visit edenbookings. com/events/sessions/.
  8. Listen to Wolfmother, the Black Keys, the White Stripes, The yeah yeah yeah's, and the Hard Lessons anyways: JACK WHITE has hit back at media criticism for his decision to rush the release of THE RACONTEURS' second album. The rockers released Consolers Of The Lonely on 25 March (08) - only three weeks after they finished recording the album. The decision meant members of the press were not given advance copies to write reviews prior to the LP hitting shops. But White, who formed the band as a side project while still working with The White Stripes, is unfazed by the media's negative reaction - insisting The Raconteurs' first priority is the fans. He says, "Some of the media have been a little bit bruised, thinking this was to try to beat the critics. I don't care about that. The point was, review it after the fans have it. What's wrong with that?" And White admits the decision also stems from his frustration at long promotional campaigns which bands are forced to undertake prior to a record's release. He adds, "This is the way they used to do it. Bands didn't use to promote an album for four months before a record came out. It really gets annoying that you have to turn into some computer-whiz salesman once you're done mixing."
  9. I GOT TICKETS!!!!! THEY ARE PLAYING THE DRC (Detroit rock City) !!!!!AHHHHH!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!! I am finally going to see Jack play a Guitar in Detroit !!!! I can now cross the racs off my list...now onto Zeppelin and The White Stripes
  10. In all seriousness please please please check out: The Hard Lessons They are a Detroit Trio that I have seen over 10 times and have since befriended, they are simply mindblowing amazing... Also another newer band that I have great interest in Is Louis XIV they have a great sound I also recomend the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, the Black Keys, The White Stripes, WOLFMOTHER and The Raconteurs who have just released a new album today that is "Five on the five"
  11. I am blown away...like more blown away than when Icky Thump came out....like my mind is exploding with orgasmic eruptions of sound pleasures..... Its is just so God Damn LYFUOUDO&*R^(&^E*%^DIOTVC)!!!!!
  12. Hell I already got my whole dug up to my knees... not much more time before I kick the bucket. Anyways I am going to attempt to by it at my nearest music store...the wal-mart that is 17 miles away. If they dont have it someone will have to pay...with there life. Is there a track list yet?
  13. NO MICHIGAN YET! The޲ Rac޲ont޲eur޲s Ann޲oun޲ce Nor޲th Ame޲ric޲an Tou޲r Dat޲es Body: The޲޲ Rac޲޲on޲t޲e޲ur޲޲s are޲޲ ple޲޲as޲e޲d޲ to ann޲޲ou޲n޲c޲e the޲޲ fol޲޲lo޲w޲i޲ng޲޲ Nor޲޲th޲ Ame޲޲ri޲c޲a޲n tou޲޲r dat޲޲es޲.޲ You޲޲ wan޲޲t tic޲޲ke޲t޲s޲ bef޲޲or޲e޲ the޲޲y go on sal޲޲e to the޲޲ pub޲޲li޲c޲ thi޲޲s wee޲޲ke޲n޲d޲? To޲޲mo޲r޲r޲ow޲޲, Ma޲޲rc޲h޲ 20t޲޲h,޲ at 10 am loc޲޲al޲ tim޲޲e,޲ you޲޲ can޲޲ vis޲޲it޲ the޲޲ fol޲޲lo޲w޲i޲ng޲޲ lin޲޲ks޲ to buy޲޲ you޲޲r tic޲޲ke޲t޲s޲ bef޲޲or޲e޲ eve޲޲ry޲o޲n޲e els޲޲e.޲ Ple޲޲as޲e޲ not޲޲e the޲޲y are޲޲ on a fir޲޲st޲ com޲޲e,޲ fir޲޲st޲ ser޲޲ve޲d޲ bas޲޲is޲ and޲޲ you޲޲'l޲l޲ nee޲޲d the޲޲ spe޲޲ci޲a޲l޲ pas޲޲sw޲o޲r޲d whi޲޲ch޲ is "co޲޲ns޲o޲l޲er޲޲s".޲޲ Apr޲il 20t޲h Com޲mod޲ore޲ Bal޲lro޲om/޲Van޲cou޲ver޲, BC > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 21s޲t Neu޲mo'޲s/S޲eat޲tle޲, WA > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 22n޲d Won޲der޲ Bal޲lro޲om/޲Por޲tla޲nd,޲ OR > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 23r޲d Bim޲bo'޲s 365޲ Clu޲b/S޲an Fra޲nci޲sco޲ > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 26t޲h The޲ Joi޲nt/޲Las޲ Veg޲as,޲ NV > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 28t޲h The޲ Fil޲lmo޲re Aud޲ito޲riu޲m/D޲env޲er,޲ CO > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 29t޲h Upt޲own޲ The޲atr޲e/K޲ans޲as Cit޲y, MO > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s May޲ 1st޲ Hou޲se of Blu޲es/޲Dal޲las޲, TX > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s May޲ 2nd޲ Stu޲bb'޲s BBQ޲/Au޲sti޲n, TX > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s May޲ 3rd޲ Stu޲bb'޲s BBQ޲/Au޲sti޲n, TX > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Don޲'t for޲get޲ to pic޲k up you޲r cop޲y of the޲ new޲ alb޲um,޲ "Co޲nso޲ler޲s of the޲ Lon޲ely޲", whi޲ch wil޲l be ava޲ila޲ble޲ eve޲ryw޲her޲e (in޲clu޲din޲g dig޲ita޲lly޲ at the޲rac޲ont޲eur޲s. com޲) on Tue޲sda޲y, Mar޲ch 25t޲h. Als޲o, sta޲y tun޲ed for޲ mor޲e UK/޲Eur޲ope޲ dat޲es to be ann޲oun޲ced޲ in the޲ nea޲r fut޲ure޲.
  14. It has been 2 years.... Mind blowing! I was in my first year of college, and now I am about to graduate? 6 MORE DAYS!!!!!
  15. You are killing me.

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