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  2. I am back my children.

  3. Maybe Led Zeppelin Fan? Not original enough? I guess we can still go with Led Head.
  4. I vote for anyone that has been on American Idol. Idolatry is a sin.
  5. Jaffy! Did you ever think that maybe people that like Led Zeppelin, and think that anything that sounds different sucks... may be on to something? What is wrong with making music people like? Not chic enough for you? Can't belittle people for not knowing any (INSERT RANDOM HIPSTER BAND NAME) Songs? Different Strokes for Different Folks son.
  6. Jack White is doing the Bond theme song with Alicia Keys! (old news) Jack White hurt his neck and canceled a live performance of the song in Europe (new news) Get better JACK!
  7. The Racs have unleashed new dates including a second Detroit date!!!! The Raconteurs are pleased to announce they will be performing at the Eden Project in Cornwall, UK on June 29th. For more information you can visit edenbookings. com/events/sessions/.
  8. Listen to Wolfmother, the Black Keys, the White Stripes, The yeah yeah yeah's, and the Hard Lessons anyways: JACK WHITE has hit back at media criticism for his decision to rush the release of THE RACONTEURS' second album. The rockers released Consolers Of The Lonely on 25 March (08) - only three weeks after they finished recording the album. The decision meant members of the press were not given advance copies to write reviews prior to the LP hitting shops. But White, who formed the band as a side project while still working with The White Stripes, is unfazed by the media's negative reaction - insisting The Raconteurs' first priority is the fans. He says, "Some of the media have been a little bit bruised, thinking this was to try to beat the critics. I don't care about that. The point was, review it after the fans have it. What's wrong with that?" And White admits the decision also stems from his frustration at long promotional campaigns which bands are forced to undertake prior to a record's release. He adds, "This is the way they used to do it. Bands didn't use to promote an album for four months before a record came out. It really gets annoying that you have to turn into some computer-whiz salesman once you're done mixing."
  9. I GOT TICKETS!!!!! THEY ARE PLAYING THE DRC (Detroit rock City) !!!!!AHHHHH!!!!!! YES YES YES!!!! I am finally going to see Jack play a Guitar in Detroit !!!! I can now cross the racs off my list...now onto Zeppelin and The White Stripes
  10. In all seriousness please please please check out: The Hard Lessons They are a Detroit Trio that I have seen over 10 times and have since befriended, they are simply mindblowing amazing... Also another newer band that I have great interest in Is Louis XIV they have a great sound I also recomend the Yeah Yeah Yeah's, the Black Keys, The White Stripes, WOLFMOTHER and The Raconteurs who have just released a new album today that is "Five on the five"
  11. I am blown away...like more blown away than when Icky Thump came out....like my mind is exploding with orgasmic eruptions of sound pleasures..... Its is just so God Damn LYFUOUDO&*R^(&^E*%^DIOTVC)!!!!!
  12. Hell I already got my whole dug up to my knees... not much more time before I kick the bucket. Anyways I am going to attempt to by it at my nearest music store...the wal-mart that is 17 miles away. If they dont have it someone will have to pay...with there life. Is there a track list yet?
  13. NO MICHIGAN YET! The޲ Rac޲ont޲eur޲s Ann޲oun޲ce Nor޲th Ame޲ric޲an Tou޲r Dat޲es Body: The޲޲ Rac޲޲on޲t޲e޲ur޲޲s are޲޲ ple޲޲as޲e޲d޲ to ann޲޲ou޲n޲c޲e the޲޲ fol޲޲lo޲w޲i޲ng޲޲ Nor޲޲th޲ Ame޲޲ri޲c޲a޲n tou޲޲r dat޲޲es޲.޲ You޲޲ wan޲޲t tic޲޲ke޲t޲s޲ bef޲޲or޲e޲ the޲޲y go on sal޲޲e to the޲޲ pub޲޲li޲c޲ thi޲޲s wee޲޲ke޲n޲d޲? To޲޲mo޲r޲r޲ow޲޲, Ma޲޲rc޲h޲ 20t޲޲h,޲ at 10 am loc޲޲al޲ tim޲޲e,޲ you޲޲ can޲޲ vis޲޲it޲ the޲޲ fol޲޲lo޲w޲i޲ng޲޲ lin޲޲ks޲ to buy޲޲ you޲޲r tic޲޲ke޲t޲s޲ bef޲޲or޲e޲ eve޲޲ry޲o޲n޲e els޲޲e.޲ Ple޲޲as޲e޲ not޲޲e the޲޲y are޲޲ on a fir޲޲st޲ com޲޲e,޲ fir޲޲st޲ ser޲޲ve޲d޲ bas޲޲is޲ and޲޲ you޲޲'l޲l޲ nee޲޲d the޲޲ spe޲޲ci޲a޲l޲ pas޲޲sw޲o޲r޲d whi޲޲ch޲ is "co޲޲ns޲o޲l޲er޲޲s".޲޲ Apr޲il 20t޲h Com޲mod޲ore޲ Bal޲lro޲om/޲Van޲cou޲ver޲, BC > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 21s޲t Neu޲mo'޲s/S޲eat޲tle޲, WA > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 22n޲d Won޲der޲ Bal޲lro޲om/޲Por޲tla޲nd,޲ OR > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 23r޲d Bim޲bo'޲s 365޲ Clu޲b/S޲an Fra޲nci޲sco޲ > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 26t޲h The޲ Joi޲nt/޲Las޲ Veg޲as,޲ NV > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 28t޲h The޲ Fil޲lmo޲re Aud޲ito޲riu޲m/D޲env޲er,޲ CO > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Apr޲il 29t޲h Upt޲own޲ The޲atr޲e/K޲ans޲as Cit޲y, MO > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s May޲ 1st޲ Hou޲se of Blu޲es/޲Dal޲las޲, TX > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s May޲ 2nd޲ Stu޲bb'޲s BBQ޲/Au޲sti޲n, TX > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s May޲ 3rd޲ Stu޲bb'޲s BBQ޲/Au޲sti޲n, TX > Get޲ Tic޲ket޲s Don޲'t for޲get޲ to pic޲k up you޲r cop޲y of the޲ new޲ alb޲um,޲ "Co޲nso޲ler޲s of the޲ Lon޲ely޲", whi޲ch wil޲l be ava޲ila޲ble޲ eve޲ryw޲her޲e (in޲clu޲din޲g dig޲ita޲lly޲ at the޲rac޲ont޲eur޲s. com޲) on Tue޲sda޲y, Mar޲ch 25t޲h. Als޲o, sta޲y tun޲ed for޲ mor޲e UK/޲Eur޲ope޲ dat޲es to be ann޲oun޲ced޲ in the޲ nea޲r fut޲ure޲.
  14. It has been 2 years.... Mind blowing! I was in my first year of college, and now I am about to graduate? 6 MORE DAYS!!!!!
  15. You are killing me.

  16. I to miss my dose of Meg... but this album will help me "think spring" and it also gives me a chance to finally see the racs live in MI
  17. RACS!!!! MARCH 25th!!!!

  18. OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! The Raconteurs are happy to announce that in one week’s time their second album, entitled “Consolers Of The Lonely”, will be available EVERYWHERE Tuesday, March 25th. “Album” meaning: full length vinyl, CD and digital formats; and “everywhere” meaning: local mom and pop Indie retailers, corporate superstores, supermarkets, iTunes, Amazon, the band’s own website and any other location that could get the record up and going this quickly (some places couldn’t move this fast, so they will join in as soon as they can). It contains 14 new recordings and is being released globally on Third Man Records in conjunction with our marketing/distribution partners, XL Recordings and Warner Brothers Records. The album was mastered and completed in the first week of March. It was then taken immediately to a vinyl pressing plant. Then to a CD pressing plant. Then preparations to sell it digitally began. March 25th became the soonest date to have it available in EVERY FORMAT AT ONCE. The band have done no interviews or advertisements for this record before this announcement. The purpose: to get the album to the fans as soon as possible and as we promised. We wanted to get this record to fans, the press, radio, etc., all at the EXACT SAME TIME so that no one has an upper hand on anyone else regarding it’s availability, reception or perception. With this release, The Raconteurs are forgoing the usual months of lead time for press and radio set up, as well as forgoing the all important “first week sales”. We wanted to explore the idea of releasing an album everywhere at once and THEN marketing and promoting it thereafter. The Raconteurs would rather this release not be defined by it’s first weeks sales, pre-release promotion, or by someone defining it FOR YOU before you get to hear it. Another purpose was to also allow people to have their own choice as to exactly which format they would like to hear the album in IMMEDIATELY, rather than having to wait for their favorite format to become available. The band are also not releasing any version of this record that contains bonus tracks. Musically this album will be the same as the band created it no matter what format it is purchased in (The sound quality of each format however, is a different story. The Raconteurs recommend hearing it on vinyl, but the choice is of course up to the listener). The band also prefer that fans buy the album as a whole instead of breaking up the tracks, but until iTunes and other digital services allows bands to release their albums with the option of NOT breaking it up, it will be sold in that fashion on those particular sites. On the band’s website however, the album will be sold in its entirety as an mp3 at 320kb bit rate. Also in Japan, fans will be able to download the record via their mobile phones, as that is how a majority of recorded music is consumed there. The reason we are announcing this release one week ahead of time is because of retail pre-ordering and stocking, information about this album’s imminent release was bound to come to light and could be confusing to fans. Also in the event that the record leaks, we didn’t want this method of release to be seen as a REACTION to such a leak. It’s not. The actual worst thing about a leak is the usual poor sound quality, akin to watching a movie on a wristwatch instead of in a theater. Which for the album’s creators is a bit of a letdown, but again, it is completely up to the listener. There will be a video up on the internet for the first single, “Salute Your Solution”, on the 25th as well, provided it gets edited in time. We just filmed it the other day! We hope not to confuse anyone with too many options, or deny them the formats that they like best. The Raconteurs feel very strongly that music has worth and should be treated as such. Thank you to all those who respect music in this fashion, and thank you to our label partners for working with us to get this album to fans in as many formats as possible all at once. Thank you, and we hope that you enjoy “Consolers Of The Lonely”. Sincerely, The Raconteurs Album cover image available at TheRaconteurs.com
  19. Rock duo THE WHITE STRIPES are to release their first Spanish-language single - a reworking of their song CONQUEST. Conquista will be issued in the U.S. on CD and seven-inch vinyl under the name Las Rayas Blancas - the Spanish translation of The White Stripes - on 19 February (08). The new Conquista release will feature a mariachi version of the song, Conquest (Versión Acústica De Mariachi), as a B-side. A statement reads: "Conquista is a blistering nouveau flamenco number that climaxes in a violent musical battle between Mexican trumpeter Regulo Aldama and Jack White in his fastest solo on record."
  20. I remember on the old forum this thread lasted about 1 page.... We spent most of that page discussing how he is way over rated and how his albums are not that good. I think we settled on a Quanity vs. Quality issue. However that was like 2 years ago.... so enjoy. I'll go listen to some enjoyable music now.
  21. A former Radio-Canada presenter is suing THE WHITE STRIPES for sampling her show without permission. Dominique Payette accuses the rock duo - Jack White and Meg White - of using an unauthorised 10-second soundbite from her Quebec, Canada teen call-in show, in which she and an unidentified girl talk in French. The excerpt introduces The White Stripes song Jumble, Jumble on the 2000 album De Stijl, which Payette wants withdrawn from shops immediately. The ex-275-Allo/Ados-Radio host is also seeking $70,000 (GBP35,000) in damages. Payette, who claims she first learned of the sample in March 2007, says, "They used the child's voice in a very cavalier way. I have two choices - either you go to court, or you do nothing. I decided to do something." -Contactmusic well that explains alot.....
  22. The Video is quite good, I just wish I could hear the other songs. The stupid site has just snippets of them anyways we can all enjoy this... **************************************** SPIN.COM When it comes to today's Crackberry-driven youth culture, the blogosphere has a heavy hand in defining what rules in sound and style. The "Next Big Thing," or whatever it is, comes and goes quicker than a click of a mouse -- one navigated by the hip upper class. And Motor City power-pop outfit the Hard Lessons, the jokesters that they are, poke a little fun at what it means to be locked in such a controlling, yet ever-shifting 'scene' in their video for "See and Be Scene." Here, Gin (vocals/guitar), Ko Ko Louise (vocals/keys), and the Anvil (drums) color themselves pink (White Stripes spoof, anyone?) as The! Hungry! Hungry! Hipsters!, and playfully embrace arena rock-sized stage antics. From Gin's flirty, giddy behavior and an awkward fan crush on Ko Ko to the Anvil stopping the show to check his Blackberry, the Hard Lessons don't miss a beat in sound or style, reminding us that's when it comes to rock'n'roll no one can escape the 'scene.' The Hard Lessons' B & G Sides, Vol. I is available now via the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based label, Quack!Media. MACKENZIE WILSON You can now watch the video for our song "See And Be Scene" over at SPIN.COM *****************************************
  23. The White Stripes have been busy making a video for "Conquest", their third single. Directed by prolific music videographer Diane Martel, the video was shot over two days in Artesia, California. Filmed with a visual urgency that brings the song's Spanish themes, frantic horns and compulsive pounding rhythm to life, the video follows an explosive - if unconventional - love story that pits man against bull in the ultimate conquest. To make his performance as authentic as possible, Jack White trained extensively with famed bullfighter Dennis Borba. The video will premiere on MTV on November 26th and will be available on iTunes from November 27th. "Conquest" will also be released as a single; stunningly packaged and featuring three exclusive new tracks across three 7" vinyl formats - one black, one white and one red colored vinyl. Jack and Meg recently recorded the new tracks with Beck, who co-produced all three tracks during a recording session in his living room and also contributed vocals and piano to "It's My Fault For Being Famous" and slide guitar on "Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap". Inspired by the "Conquest" video, each single will also include a Mondo Toro trading card featuring the legendary, near-mythical matadors El Sloth, El Blanca Rosa and El Perdedor. Despite being from early 1900's Spain and Portugal, these bullfighters look strangely familiar. US copies of these singles will also include a different poster with each release. These vinyl singles will be released in the US on December 18th and in the UK on December 31st. Full track listings are listed below: 7" One (Black vinyl) A: Conquest B: It's My Fault For Being Famous 7" Two (White vinyl) A: Conquest B: Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap 7" Three (Red vinyl) A: Conquest (Acoustic Mariachi Version) B: Cash Grab Complications On The Matter Digital Maxi Single (US only) 1. Conquest 2. It's My Fault For Being Famous 3. Cash Grab Complications On The Matter 4. Honey, We Can't Afford To Look This Cheap 5. Conquest (Acoustic Mariachi Version) Anybody have these yet?
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