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  1. Looks like something is coming from EVSD.... Hopefully a true upgrade. Chatter at the Hotel seems to think there are no other masters.
  2. Anyone got the MOJO COLLECTOR'S SERIES Magazine LED ZEPPELIN Latter Days mag? Wondering if there are good 1977 era pictures.
  3. White Suit - Victoria Museum I think this is what you are looking for. IIRC, this was never worn onstage.
  4. I think the lack of truly NEW material is what is causing the drop in new uploads. Look at 98% of the boots coming out....all reissues.
  5. Hi Deeds! Did you get to hang out at the Hyatt House with them on their 1977 Tour?
  6. Look here in the rig I circled on the ceiling of the Summit. Looks like house cameras to me. In the pic they are not pointed at the stage but who's to say they weren't when the band took the stage? via Imgflip Meme Generator
  7. Aww man! would have loved to see the photos!
  8. Thank you for sharing. How many photos of Zeppelin did you find in total?
  9. Definitely not EC. Looks like US Tour.
  10. LZ77

    Hot Pics of Robert

    great photo from 1977! are there more photos?
  11. There are some GREAT photo books on Zeppelin from Japan:
  12. I do have that! There are some photos of the show here in the Photos or Timeline sections. This is one of the clearest I've seen:
  13. Great story! Sucks that this caused you to no longer sell your great photos. I'd buy one! I sent you a PM.
  14. I can't find a source book but this was quoted from an 1998 interview with Page and Plant with James Woodall: https://theartsdesk.com/new-music/theartsdesk-qa-musicians-robert-plant-and-jimmy-page - quote is about mid-way through. oh and by the way - FANTASTIC photo!
  15. Hi Cruz!!! I haven't seen you around for a very long time. I hope you can share more photos!!
  16. IIRC, I questioned this as well due to the fact that he is wearing a mic on his shirt. Was this for an interview? If so, what happened to it? And, was it by chance a filmed interview?
  17. Of all the great images in this thread, lets go back and discuss this one.....
  18. this is the one belt buckle I never managed to add to my collection:
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