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  1. to Steve: is the girl on the right the same "Aubrey" that was with Plant in 1977? http://www.rosshalfin.com/diary/december-2011/diary-december-2011.php look at the pic titled: Peter Makowski San Francisco 1981 with Jean and Audrey at the Day On The Green.
  2. I'll add my love for the 'ZOSO' fanzine. I too was a subscriber and always looked forward to getting the big yellow envelope in the mail. It was a great zine and had a lot of rare photos. I too would love to see an online archive of the complete run. The same goes for 'Electric Magic' - that was a really nice magazine as well.
  3. Welcome to the board Mike! I too would love to see the picture you took and if at all possible, a pic of the Firm album signed by Plant. - very cool that he did that!
  4. Led Zeppelin "floor" - wow. what other memorabilia did they have?
  5. hi David - can you repost the bigger image of the 1977 Page photo?
  6. just saw this - GREAT image! I wish he would open up his archives. I would pay to see it.
  7. I'm very interested in the known uncirculating footage you mentioned.
  8. there actually is info on the Pontiac 1977 footage: Pontiac thread - LZ.com
  9. hello, what year are they from? there are several extremely knowledgeable members on the forum that may be able to assist you. post a sample pic with a watermark on it and I'm sure someone will be able to help identify it.
  10. THANK YOU! its always amazing to see new unseen 1977 images. please let us know if you find anymore photos or any memorabilia - I for one would love to see it.
  11. cool documentary. Sam, only 5 seconds on their 1977 North American tour??
  12. THANK YOU Zepp-a-holic! could you, would you, please share some more 1977 images?
  13. any word on if there was any unseen Zep footage shown during the show?
  14. LZ77


    I may be a little biased but its really not as bad as the legend its grown to be. the sound quality of only known recording does not help: Recording Includes: The Battle Of Evermore [ 5:42 ], Going To California [ 5:18 ], Black Country Woman (<< Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, Dancing Days..) [ 9:58 ], Trampled Underfoot [ 8:15 ], [ cut ], Black Mountain Side [ 0:10 ] >> Kashmir [ 8:19 - cut ], [ cut ], Guitar Solo [ 14:50 - cut ] >> Achilles Last Stand [ 10:17 ], Stairway To Heaven [ 14:07 ]. Source: Incomplete fair to good audience recording. Near 90 minutes. Details: Noticeably distant, muddy and fairly muffled tape. if your not a fan of the '77 tour you will really not like the performance. If your a '77 fan, then you might be more forgiving.
  15. WOW. Sam, if you hadn't posted the invite I would never believe that was Bonham in 1977. He lost lots of weight after the tour then.... is the footage something that you can post on the official Video page?
  16. THANK YOU Sam!! great footage of the band in full flight. hope there is more 1977 footage out there....
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