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  1. so curious on what tour this picture was taken that they are talking about. great post - thanks!
  2. hi Steve, what is "Led Swan Press" ?? I've never heard of that.
  3. Have to bump this thread. Hue - would love to see more of your great work!
  4. ^ looks like one of the originals. Do you have any other promo Zeppelin items?
  5. So happy for you Roger!!! Did he personally sign your book?? Really miss your article postings.
  6. LZ77

    Tempe '77

    I agree - a soundboard would be nice!!
  7. It's been quite some time since I've listened to the NY shows. Is the 10th, the show where you can hear a glass bottle hit the tapers mic stand during 'Going to California'?
  8. LZ77

    Tempe '77

    wouldn't it be crazy if this dodgy site actually had what they advertise? some inner circle trade ring hidden in plain sight.
  9. LZ77

    Tempe '77

    I was searching for Tempe and found this interesting: Encoding: MP3-128kbps, Bootleg Rating: 7/10 Artist: Led Zeppelin Date: 1977-07-20 Venue: ASU Activity Center, Tempe, AZ, USA Tour: Led Zeppelin North American Tour 1977 Setlist: 1. The Song Remains the Same 2. The Rover 3. Sick Again 4. Nobody's Fault But Mine 5. Over the Hills and Far Away 6. Since I've Been Loving You 7. No Quarter 8. Ten Years Gone 9. Battle of Evermore 10. Going to California 11. Black Country Woman 12. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp 13. Trampled Under Foot 14. White Summer / Black Mountain Side 15. Kashmir 16. Guitar Solo 17. Achilles Last Stand 18. Stairway to Heaven It's one of those d/l sites that I cannot access from work. VERY surprised that they list this as the setlist. They also list having St. Paul, Indy, St. Louis, and Baton Rouge!
  10. Thanks Steve! now if we could only find more pictures....
  11. Steve - in the Live section, Tempe '77 thread, there is a question of where the band stayed. Some say the Camelback Inn, another Edgewater in Seattle. Do you know?
  12. LZ77

    Tempe '77

    this would be a great question to ask Steve A. Jones!
  13. WOW!! it would be great to see if the photog Doug Connell is still around. He must have some great photos of the show.
  14. found a pic! https://twitter.com/yuminori0616/status/508171517889216512/photo/1
  15. exactly! Can you imagine the low gen clip compared against the tape used for the MTV Rockumentary?
  16. If we could only get our hands on the master tape that was given to MTV when they made the Rockumentary - it was broadcast quality. All the boots we have are at least 3rd+ gen.
  17. LZ77

    Jimmy Page 1977

    Awesome to see backstage photos from the '77 Tour. They are pretty rare.
  18. ^ Hi Hue! hope you hadn't disappeard. Really looking forward to seeing some more 1977 Zeppelin! do you still have plans to have a website (one your home is done of course!)?
  19. GREAT photos!! the cameras would have been the house mounted type, not physically operated like we've seen in Seattle and Pontiac photos.
  20. LZ77

    Cleveland '75

    nice artwork IMHO. found the pics on a Japanese website. For some reason the images would not link properly. Here is the google translated info: It's sadly not a soundboard.
  21. LZ77

    Cleveland '75

    Yes. You just did!
  22. Hi David - do you have any images from these shows?
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