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  1. LZ77

    Cleveland '75

    nice artwork IMHO. found the pics on a Japanese website. For some reason the images would not link properly. Here is the google translated info: It's sadly not a soundboard.
  2. LZ77

    Cleveland '75

    Yes. You just did!
  3. Hi David - do you have any images from these shows?
  4. JAW DROPPING!! thank you so much for sharing your amazing 1977 photographs! It is so rare to have a professional such as yourself be so kind. this one of yours is one of my personal favorites: I would love to see a larger version. Do you have anymore from the laser pyramid section of Page's solo? thanks again!!!
  5. This one by Neal Preston is one of the best ever IMHO:
  6. really miss your contributions Roger! never got to see the 1977 Tour Special.
  7. Another "Photo Mystery" is the whereabouts of member Hue & Eye!
  8. I don't think that is actually Zeppelin in the trailer. still cool though!
  9. ^ NICE Sam - are there more pics to the article?
  10. ^ WOAH! super cool! where did you find those?
  11. ^ cool images! where did you find those? any 1977 shots?
  12. ^ Welcome to the forum! I and many others would love to see those pics you have.
  13. ^ great stuff Sam! I wish David Tan had an online archive. He took some great photos.
  14. LOOKS GREAT!! this pic should be in the Memorabilia section too!
  15. Hue & Eye - where did you go?
  16. YIKES! just realized there is a face in the upstairs window. Lower left photo.
  17. ^ Nice cover! is this an all Zep issue? I would love to peruse the Shinko Music Photo Archive. They consistently have 1977 shots that are rarely seen. edited to add: that 1977 shot is from Pontiac. You can see the cameraman behind Jimmy.
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