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  1. JAW DROPPING!! thank you so much for sharing your amazing 1977 photographs! It is so rare to have a professional such as yourself be so kind. this one of yours is one of my personal favorites: I would love to see a larger version. Do you have anymore from the laser pyramid section of Page's solo? thanks again!!!
  2. This one by Neal Preston is one of the best ever IMHO:
  3. really miss your contributions Roger! never got to see the 1977 Tour Special.
  4. Another "Photo Mystery" is the whereabouts of member Hue & Eye!
  5. I don't think that is actually Zeppelin in the trailer. still cool though!
  6. ^ NICE Sam - are there more pics to the article?
  7. ^ WOAH! super cool! where did you find those?
  8. ^ cool images! where did you find those? any 1977 shots?
  9. ^ Welcome to the forum! I and many others would love to see those pics you have.
  10. ^ great stuff Sam! I wish David Tan had an online archive. He took some great photos.
  11. LOOKS GREAT!! this pic should be in the Memorabilia section too!
  12. Hue & Eye - where did you go?
  13. YIKES! just realized there is a face in the upstairs window. Lower left photo.
  14. ^ Nice cover! is this an all Zep issue? I would love to peruse the Shinko Music Photo Archive. They consistently have 1977 shots that are rarely seen. edited to add: that 1977 shot is from Pontiac. You can see the cameraman behind Jimmy.
  15. aww. Can you post any rare 1977 images from your extensive archive then in the meantime?
  16. sorry to hear that Roger. It should not be illegal to post archival articles. If the original publishers wanted to make money from them - then THEY should make them available themselves for people like us to read.
  17. Hi Steve - did you ever get permission to post any other photos taken at the Troy Hotel after the Silverdome gig?
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