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  1. nice artwork IMHO. found the pics on a Japanese website. For some reason the images would not link properly. Here is the google translated info:

    Latest Wendy label, Cleveland performances January 24, 1975. In a concert in the early 1975, set list is different due to the influence of finger injury Jimmy, selection of music that does not take the burden on the finger as much as possible has been made. In this performance, I started unusual among them the "Wanton Song", including "How Many More Times", set list that was unveiled only a short period of time will be a concert of January 1975 charming. "Communication Breakdown" was played in the encore. And drop out of the tape is also corrected cleanly, and also correct accurately the unstable pitch that was crazy, and it is the sound quality and appropriate content to be called the best title of this performance in its outstanding panel.

    The concert file, so that the performance of the best one hour late not good enough, Jack Daniel that was drinking during a concert began around in the body the first hour, it's try to listen with attention to the difference be fun may be. You made me feel the era and drink whiskey during a concert.

    Wendy label latest work is Cleveland performances January 24, 1975. City that gave birth in 1977 of the "Destroyer" Speaking of Cleveland. Before in the same city that gave birth to this great board each is concert of the year. Press Release Athletic permanent preservation of the beautiful picture-disk specification. Japanese with belt.

    It's sadly not a soundboard.

  2. Thanks David, these are absolutely awesome!!!

    What Zep shows did you attend in 1977? Am assuming you shot photos at each show you attended? Some of us 1977 fanatics would love to see pictures from shows that tour that have very few pictures taken at these concerts:

    1. Tempe, Arizona
    2. Indianapolis
    3. St. Louis
    4. Either Minneapolis date: Minneapolis and/or St. Paul the next night

    Thanks in advance if you shot photos from those shows and can post some!

    Hi David - do you have any images from these shows?

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