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  1. aww. Can you post any rare 1977 images from your extensive archive then in the meantime?
  2. sorry to hear that Roger. It should not be illegal to post archival articles. If the original publishers wanted to make money from them - then THEY should make them available themselves for people like us to read.
  3. Hi Steve - did you ever get permission to post any other photos taken at the Troy Hotel after the Silverdome gig?
  4. Hi Roger. Thanks for the update. I hope to see you resume your posting of articles soon. I still cannot wait to see your 1977 Tour coverage from around the world.
  5. JAW DROPPING stuff!! Can't wait to see more of your 1977 images! thanks again for sharing these great photos.
  6. Great photo Steve! Please keep digging!
  7. ^ a TV crew!? Could there be pro shot footage somewhere?
  8. Hue! Many thanks for sharing your amazing photos!
  9. Stunning images. Thanks again!
  10. ^ FANTASTIC 1977 images! would love to see all you have. Thanks again for posting.
  11. Hue, did you get my PM? I was curious if you got any shots of Page during his theramin/bow solo (1977).
  12. ^ Don't feel bad! I used to collect magazines myself so I can appreciate it more. You will get a lot of feedback from me when you start your 1977 Tour special.
  13. NICE!! just fixed the orientation. Would love to see more!
  14. ^ click here and send a message to the Sam the Webmaster. http://forums.ledzeppelin.com/index.php?/user/5-sam-webmaster/ he will be able to help.
  15. Great images from 1975! would really like to see your 1977 shots. thank you for posting.
  16. yeah. that was several years ago. I'd remove it if I could, but I do not even see the image anymore on imageshack. I had several images of my personal Zeppelin collection sent in to this site as someone elses so I started watermarking everything I scanned. Thankfully Sam was kind enough to correct the credits.
  17. I guess they must not have anymore video in their hands. It's been years since they released the Seattle show.
  18. ^ great post! I bet those glass doors with the Swan Song logo were quite the sight back then.
  19. ^ I tried to. I sent a PM to you yesterday. I thought I missed it.
  20. Cookie0024 - do you know if there are more images from David Tan online? He's had some amazing shots published in the Japanese photobooks.
  21. ^ fascinating and exciting! wonder if he captured Zeppelin in 1977?
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