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  1. THANK YOU elgimpo! awesome photos of Zeppelin bootleg porn.
  2. Congratulations Roger!! still looking forward to your month long feature on the 1977 Tour!
  3. Hi aen27! can you post any cool live 1977 pics? thank you
  4. nice work Sue!! these live cd covers always bothered me - they could have been so much better:
  5. bump! gbauer1 - where are you? would love to hear more about your tape.
  6. WOW!! welcome to the forum gbauer1! I like many others would love to be able to hear your recording. Did you record a complete "Ten Years Gone" on your tape?
  7. Hi Roger - is the 1977 North American worldwide press coverage on your calendar?
  8. Hi Fernando! seek out the 1990 MTV Rockumentary. This is regarded as one of the best. It has footage from Seattle 1977 and Knebworth 1979 that had never been seen before up to that time. Great doc from start to finish.
  9. ^ Hi Sam - I've just sold 2 of them but I'll send you a better picture so you can post in the Memorabilia section.
  10. just cleared out my storage unit and found these again. 1975 Tour Backstage Passes:
  11. is this a countdown to you posting every 1977 Tour article in your massive archive?
  12. Jeez Geez! "generally believed" is a pretty embellished way of saying "opinion". Look at what other rock albums that were recorded in 1976 and then say that "Presence" was not influential or innovative?? LZ1 > LZII was a natural progression. Innovative? maybe, maybe not. LZIII > LZIV - they went from granola munching to writing the song that gets over played and overused. HOTH > PG - weak to an ad hoc double album with moments of greatness. Influential or innovative? perhaps. "Presence" - they were making music unlike anything else on the planet. They had nothing to lose at this point and this can "generally be believed" to be VERY influential to most. Zeppelin had the balls to do it. let's get real, most listeners are not so analytical. just my 2 cents.
  13. NICE!! Thank you Debby and Sam!!
  14. LZ77

    1977 tour gross

    They would have Stones ticket prices. Not because they want to but because they could.
  15. Thank you Roger! I had never read those articles before. Looking forward to your future 1977 coverage!
  16. LZ77

    1977 tour gross

    Management kept the financials super secret but the wiki on it sheds some light: Led Zeppelin's manager Peter Grant conceived this series of concerts as an effort that would reassert Led Zeppelin as the dominant band of the decade. Fifty one concerts were scheduled over a three-leg period, for 1.3 million ticket holders. It was Led Zeppelin's biggest ever tour, and tickets sold at a rate of 72,000 a day. Led Zeppelin's 1977 North American Tour was a massive fiscal success, as the band sold out large arenas and stadiums. On 30 April they performed to 76,229 people at the Pontiac Silverdome, a new world record attendance for a solo indoor attraction, beating the 75,962 that The Who attracted there on December 6, 1975 for Opening Night, and grossed $792,361.50 (also a record breaker). Lengthy stints were spent in New York and Los Angeles, where the band performed six sold out shows each atMadison Square Garden and the Los Angeles Forum. In New York alone, the band spent no money on advertising for the gigs, relying solely on street demand to sell out the shows, and enough ticket applications were received to sell out a further two nights had time permitted. Dave Lewis, an expert on the band, considers that this tour, “ with its staggered itinerary and massive arena and stadium venues, became the blueprint for which the likes ofBruce Springsteen and U2 would base their multimillion dollar tours during the Eighties and Nineties. Back then, though, Grant and Zeppelin were making their own rules as they went along. The unwieldy scale of just how big the Zeppelin experience had become was encapsulated over those 44 1977 shows. ” If Zeppelin grossed $792,361.50 for one show, imagine how much they grossed for the six nights in Los Angeles and the six in New York! add to that the rest of the tour - staggering amounts of money.
  17. That would the the one! I can't wait to see more of the foreign press coverage of the 1977 Tour. I have a French magazine in storage that has some really great photos: Thanks Roger! LZ77 (Tony)
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