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  1. WOW!!! is right! Fantastic find Jason!! hope there is more. you know they just didn't take one picture and put the camera away. This show as maligned as it is, would be a holy grail of a soundboard.
  2. Hi Roger - are you going to return to where you left off in 1976-1977? thank you!
  3. Hi Sam - will this be made available for Android in the future? I would buy this for sure.
  4. Hi George. Love your photos! Thank you for sharing them. Do you have any of Page during his guitar solo with the laser pyramid? or using the theramin?
  5. WOW! They don't happen to have a news broadcast archive do they?
  6. Hi Roger - sorry. I meant the 1977 Tour coverage after the "The Song Remains The Same" release. I see you are doing a special ITTOD week - maybe after this?
  7. Hi Roger. Are you skipping the "Presence" release and 1977 Tour coverage?
  8. such a great ad! would be a great poster. Thank you for posting!
  9. GREAT photos! Thanks Sam. Amazing that new ones are still being found.
  10. thanks Sam! Wish List: new default skin theme with 1977 photo
  11. I hear you loud and clear! I'll never get the massive drooling for the Bath soundboard just like people don't get our love for the 1977 Tour. If Japan has some 1977 video in the vaults, what are they waiting for?!
  12. Welcome back Roger! nice to see the 'Presence' articles - that means 1977 Tour coverage!
  13. ^ I concur. The Eelgrass artwork is a shame. #1 is said to be from Oklahoma, and #2 is definitely from Pontiac. The camera man is cropped out of the pic.
  14. This is what they were seeing - who wouldn't be in a frenzy!
  15. nice! does it specifically mention what they could include for 'Presence'?
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