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  1. Hey Peter, Thank you for your original post. It's what prompted me to sign up here and reply. I'd no idea anyone was interested, outside of a few random emails that came to me via my website. Your post was the door I hesitantly opened, not knowing what to expect. It turned into an opportunity to remember that long ago and far away period of my life, and has been such a positive experience. So thanks.
  2. Thanks, Reswati. I am deeply moved by the works of the northern renaissance. When I was in Amsterdam a few years back, I entered the Rijksmuseum like a pilgrim visiting a shrine. I haven't seen the new museum building yet, but I hear good things about the space and light. There was interesting art all over the city. You are so right about the remarkable achievements in science/technology. I think it was Clarke who wrote "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."
  3. If Mr Page wanted to commission a painting, and what he wanted was within the reach of my ability, sure thing. A CD cover is a complex piece of graphic art, which is a very different skill.
  4. Actually, I grew up reading a lot of science fiction (Heinlein, Asimov, Clarke, Bradbury, Herbert). In my wildest dreams I would've emigrated to Mars, and my kids would be piloting intergalactic spaceships. The Peeping Ghost, on 19 May 2013 - 02:34, said:
  5. Thank you all for your very kind comments. It was pleasure to research and put together this piece. It allowed me to revisit that period of my life and build something from it that ultimately is a sort of visual memoir. It was commissioned by Dan before I picked up the brush. There are multiple subtle references to him in the painting. It's like a bespoke suit - tailored to fit him and his interest in LZ.
  6. I am chagrined to realize that I didn't post a photo of the finished painting here. A belated thank you to everyone for all the encouragement given me while the project was underway.
  7. This is funny. I am not sure it's a Wella product, but I did a campaign for Sunsilk shampoo. I was even on the packaging labels - ah, fame. Barry Lategan did the photo, very soft focus, golden and dreamy. I loved it. Never was the Helmut Newton type. When they sent me to show him my portfolio in Paris, Newton said, and I quote, "Honey, you have a face like pancake syrup, but you'll make a lot of money." To be fair, he pretty much nailed it.
  8. There's a whole thread in Ramble On that follows the evolution of the painting, which was commissioned last year by Dan. It was a very collaborative project, and I can't say enough good things about working with him.
  9. I've been meaning to post this. Here's the finished TSRTS-themed still life, which happily now resides in Canada: And for scale, here it is with the artist:
  10. Oh my goodness. Where did you find this? I look cheerful, Mr Plant looks pleased, and it's nice to see something unposed. It must've been pretty nippy on the set. Stone radiates cold and never seems to warm, if memory serves. I'd like to download it, if that's okay. Thanks for posting it.
  11. Thanks all. The photographs vary wildly in quality, but it gives you a fair idea of the progress. I do love the sword reflections. I worked on the O2 ticket yesterday - the lettering - but wasn't satisfied and wiped it out with turp. I lettered 'Knight of Swords', added another layer to all the candles, did darks and lights for a small hermit graphic, and the last few details on the Lovers card. Feathers need a significant amount work still, as does the map. There's a bit more to do on the drape, including my favorite part, a few strands of yellow thread, but that will be done at the very end.
  12. Thanks all. I strayed away from painting thread, but it certainly paid off. Without Cookie0024's generous lead to a clear reference for the S letter, I'd still be spinning my wheels. Today I fiddled at edges - the side of the feathers, the frame around the princess image, the spark on the wicks of the candle, and added blue in the sword blade. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt the winged God Swan Song logo, based on a painting of Apollo. Fortunately I have many excellent references for that, from a jpg of the original painting, to a 45 record, to various graphic renderings. Hecube, the painting was commissioned by Dan and thus belongs to him. We collaborated on the content and it's intended to suit him very particularly. Think of it as a bespoke work of art. It's been my good fortune that our vision for the finished piece has been so in synch.
  13. The blue books are actual books, but the titles are added, Hecube. The one with the four symbols is, in fact, a well-used Thesaurus. The others are old leather bound volumes of poetry. The yellow drapery has red Tibetan designs. I plan to replace one of them with a running border of the Swan Song S. It has a sort of paisley shape which will work well, if I can get it right. Thanks to Cookie, the odds I can pull it off have improved dramatically. There's another border that is pretty much just upright straight marks over a underline. My idea is to substitute I II III IV I II III IV I II III IV etc.
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