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  1. For anyone interested you can go to Planet Rock Radio's website and you can download two live tracks by BCC and mixed by Kevin Shirley "Black Country" and One Last Soul" They sound great!
  2. Just a little advise as I had one hell of a time with Genesis! They kept telling me that it was at the binders (which I found out is there standard line) when all along it was a mistake with there bank! There bank could not find the final payment that they took months before. Instead of just telling us that they lied and when I complained they threatened to sell my book that I paid for up front to another person! It took my wife to sort it out with there bank! The attitude of Genesis after they get there money is we will do and take as long as we want and if you don't like it they will sell your book to someone else! I suggest you keep on them and check to make sure that the bank they use did not screw up! The worst purchasing experience of my life and will never buy anything from them again! They SUCK! I hope you get your book soon! Good luck!
  3. He said he just saw Jimmy yesterday and he was going to see him again on Wednesday! I am guessing something Zeppelin related is happening! We can only hope!
  4. Saw him in 75 my first concert and many times after that! He or his band were never impressive live(other than 1975)! Saw him open for Heaven and Hell a few years back in NYC and he (Alice Cooper)was god awful! He has not had a meaningful recording in decades! He can't sing for shit! Robert is having great success without Led Zeppelin and a lot of people just can't handle it! I would go see RP anytime over Alice! Maybe if Alice Cooper was still relevant instead of beating a dead horse year after year, he would have some credibility on the subject of what others are doing! He should concentrate on his own floundering career and forget about what others are doing!
  5. R.I.P. Joan Bonham you are now with your husband and son's!
  6. I off to work Motorhead tonight so I will post answers to your questions about Genesis Publishing and how they lied to us tomorrow! Thanks for the interest!
  7. I believe it is Angel for all RP pre sale shows? I used it for two shows I am attending in California and it worked for both. I hope this helps and I hope you get great seats!
  8. I finally received my Jimmy Page book today? Funny how we were told it was still at the binders until next week? I will be posting more on my my thoughts on the book and on how Genesis publishing handled the situation later. For now I will just say that they are lying MOTHER FUCKERS! When I posted something on this site about my frustration on the handling of my book, I was forced to take down the post or not receive the book I paid for last April! I have my book now so I can say what I want! Unbelievable a publishing company trying to sensor me! I have one thing to say to Dave at Genesis! FUCK YOU! and your company! If your so worried about your "reputation" Why not provide good service for your clients? Just because you make a quality product does not give you the right to LIE to us! I don't care how nice the book is GENESIS PUBLISHING SUCKS!I hope Jimmy Page finds out about the horrible way they handled his book! This will be the last thing I buy that is endorsed by Mr.Page. Doing business with people (GENESIS PUBLISHING) like that no wonder Jimmy Page has no career in music anymore! Dave if your monitoring this site like we were told you are instead of calling my wife call me direct 917-734-2816 I got a few choice words for you lying ass!
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