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  1. It wouldn't surprise me if neither of them would be able to accurately recall how much was paid, but I'm guessing Walsh's number might be a bit off. Accounting for inflation, Page's $500 would be worth $3,472 in today's dollars. Joe's figure of $1,200, on the other hand, would be akin to paying $8,333 in 2018! Were the 59-60 models already demanding the kind of money that Joe remembers charging? If not, perhaps Page isn't the Led Wallet everyone claims him to be.
  2. Sounds like we have another "holy grail" here. It's only 11 seconds but still, 11 seconds of unheard Zep can still be a revelation!
  3. There's something I've been wondering about for years. I know that Page did some guitar overdubs, studio tweaking, etc. for the Coda album. Did Jones and Plant provide any new overdubs as well? I thought I read something years ago stating that they had, but haven't found any evidence since then to confirm this. I realize that information is pretty scant on this album considering it was just a matter of tweaking existing tapes, but I was always intrigued by Coda. It was the second Zeppelin album I ever bought ($2.99 cutout from Record Town!). This album whetted my appetite for discovering the rest of the band's catalog, and I later would find it odd that it was generally slagged by a lot of people. Different strokes I guess, but I love this record!
  4. I'm digging this. Kind of reminds me of Blue Oyster Cult in a way (I'm thinking "Secret Treaties"/"Agents Of Fortune" era). I don't know if BOC was an influence on you guys at all, but the vocals give me a Buck Dharma/Eric Bloom vibe. Anyway, very cool and a great example of the right way to do a cover!
  5. Gibson actually started a run of self-tuning guitars a couple of years ago. Initial reviews were generally positive, with a few complaints regarding the auto-tuning knob slipping off: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gibson_Robot_Guitar
  6. I totally agree. I'm a big fan of Yes and would have loved to have heard the XYZ project realised, if only for a single album. Those few years produced some very exciting Chris Squire projects, IMHO. The Drama album of 1980 w/ Downes & Horn was an great mix of New Wave & Prog, and of course, 90125 was a classic example of chops-oriented pop. A collaborative album with Jimmy Page would surely would have been interesting as well. Even though Chris's vocals were cool on the XYZ demo, I concur that his strengths are background/harmony singing. Funny thing: years ago I had a tape deck component which had a pitch dial. I never had any use for this feature until I had the bright idea of taking my XYZ tape and dialing up the pitch to make Chris sound like Jon Anderson! The results were great. "Mind Drive" became something akin to "Heart Of The Sunrise" having had a bastard child (lol).
  7. rushzep

    JP in Cuba

    Aye, brother. The Batista regime was terrible.
  8. The thing is that Zeppelin never did die. After September 25, 1980, every fan out there kept this band alive, along with all the new generations of kids who went on to discover them. Especially from the mid-1980s on, the legend just got bigger and bigger. In fact, bigger than the band members themselves. What these guys represent to millions of people around the world is above and beyond words. The level of exhilaration, joy, and inspiration that people derive from Zeppelin is unparalleled (outside of The Beatles). The music has totally transcended the aspect of being mere entertainment and has entered the zeitgeist. We can say that people should just accept that Led Zeppelin died when John Bonham died, but millions of people just don't want to believe that. That's why the Page & Plant tours were so successful. That's why millions of people scrambled to get those O2 tickets. They wanted to see the band that has given them so much joy over the years and have a life affirming experience. You can't convince the people that it's impossible for Zeppelin to play without a founding member, because the fans simply won't accept that. It's like something beyond reason....almost like trying to prove "faith" to someone. I think most of these people would agree that the guys would sound different without Bonzo. And they know that they would also sound different after having aged a couple of decades since the last tour. But to say they'd be horrible if they toured again...I mean, the O2 show was pretty damned good, wasn't it? I think it's kind of sad that Plant doesn't recognize the profound effect a brief reunion would have on his fans. Nobody's talking about a permanent thing here. A year long tour after the London show would have come and gone, and only the most selfish of fans would expect more from that. Is that really being unreasonable? I, and millions of others out there, just can't understand why Robert just can't say "You know what? A proper goodbye tour that would bring so much joy to so many people would be a nice thing". I don't want this to sound like I'm bashing him. In fact, I kind of feel bad for him because like someone else here had said, he'll always have to answer these reunion questions. All I'm saying is that this big, profound thing that is Led Zeppelin is an entity that can not be wished away, no matter how we feel about Robert's opinions on the matter. It's out of our hands, and it's out of his hands.
  9. Wings w/ JPJ and Bonzo Rockestra Theme http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1GUpxJ9Oow So Glad To See You Here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5jLJEcVG7g
  10. Yes, it was the whole song (it wasn't abbreviated like the Babe I'm Gonna Leave You video). It looked exactly like the BIGLY clip (b&w, long shot of the band with super-imposed close-ups). I couldn't find it on YouTube either. I can see why the footage was shelved, as the lip-syncing wasn't really syncing (lol).
  11. Did anyone catch the April 23 showing of TSRTS on VH1 Classic? Following the closing credits and after a commercial, they played a video of You Shook Me from the Beat Club. Is this the first time VH1 Classic has aired this? It was certainly new to me!
  12. I had a feeling that it must have been from the Balkan region. Thank you very much!
  13. Thanks in advance for the help! Maybe I should've posted this query in your "mysteries" thread?
  14. No, the intro I'm looking for is different. It's an acapella piece sung by a group of females. You can hear it in the beginning of the Toronto bootleg video from the same tour. Many thanks for replying:)
  15. Hi all. Sorry if this has been discussed before, but does anybody know anything about the intro music that was used on the Now & Zen tour? Specifically, the intro music used on the summer 1988 leg of the tour. To my ears, it sounds Macedonian or possibly Bulgarian. Any info on what this piece of music is and who performed it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much!
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