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  1. lLucky!! Bonzo died when I was 9 so I never got the chance...

  2. All 5 of the Jacksons were very well known in the 70s......Michael was the most well known, from '69 on. They were very very big
  3. Beautiful isn't adequate to describe him..... breathtaking....sublime.... :wub:
  4. No order Gallows Pole The Crunge Livin Lovin Maid Candy Store Rock Darlene
  5. I always heard "with a purple alligator and a fifth in hand" In Misty Mountain Hop I heard "He said that it was French and ultra fine" instead of "He said that his friends would all drop by"
  6. Sorry if this is huge....photobucket had some re-sizing problems
  7. -when 95% of the music you've listened to in the last year and a half is Zeppelin or related -when you go to the gas station in your Zeppelin shirt and look at key chains with Stones, etc. on them. While conversing with the guy behind the counter, you give your opinion that AC/DC has sucked since 1980. When he looks at your shirt and tells you Zeppelin has always sucked, you yell "sacrilege!" and leave without buying anything -when you go to the Renaissance Festival and count how many Zeppelin shirts you see -when it's required your next boyfriend be a Zeppelin freak because in a disc
  8. I'm a deist, does that count?
  9. I can't call this a "hot" pic, but I got a good laugh out of it. Looks like Jimmy went to Tattoine to play some guitar for Jabba
  10. I should have said something about LZ being washed up. *I* was responding to dismissing remarks you made, like: so, would i personally be prone to relive past glories? probably not. why, just to hear my new songs played next to the old ones on a classic rock station? Why in the world couldn't they be new glories? too, being a front man means you have to be hip. not hippie. that was his image in his heyday. his chops can't be as good, either. for an aging singer, it has to be tough to keep up with the times. to me it boils down to his music being on the timeless side, but his image isn'
  11. I only have 2 that I can say are my favorites. 1. Zeppelin 2. The Beatles They are the only ones I can say I love and never get tired of listening to, the ones that always cheer me up, the only ones that always make me happy. The only other that comes close is Metallica, but only Kill Em All thru the Black Album. I think what came after sucked.
  12. Gee, sounds like poor Robert is all washed up. What a shame.
  13. I'm 37, and I too have the dream. I don't hide the fact that I would do damn near anything to see them live, performing amazing new music they've written together. I refuse to sign something like this because it's a waste of time and energy to push for something that isn't going to happen (barring the intervention of the gods), and because I don't believe in trying to force people to do what they don't want to do.
  14. Who's the apologist? Not clear I'm not an apologist. I do think her voice is amazing. I saw them in London in May, and again in Dallas in July and both times she looked uncomfortable and stiff. So no, she didn't have any stage presence.
  15. He's way out of their league. And while I was very disappointed in her lack of stage presence, vocally Alison is out of their league too.
  16. Nobody listens....they get more mileage from saying it's Zeppelin reuniting.
  17. Because it's a little bit too late. He's already stated he definitely will not do it. Let's give it a rest and look forward to what Jonesy, Pagey and Jason will be doing.
  18. Yes it asked me to log in too...help!
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