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  1. That version is fantastic! Although after listening to it again it must have been a bear for Bonzo to play- It is just a relentless attack on those drums with such a bizarre pattern- really is a brilliant song
  2. robert plants listed on page 8 as well...never heard of either of these.
  3. from what I have gathered on some of the review sites, the Wendy version is the best audio available. Can anyone who has heard several comment on that? Also- what is the audio source used on the third eye dvd? Is that the wendy source as well?
  4. Nothing like putting a little pressure on anything in the future.... I think it is great he has backed down from his 1 night stand only stance. Maybe the emotional condom broke
  5. 4) Zep IV 'Sticks' Man walking behind him
  6. good article, finally some words from the band since the show- let's hope the meeting goes well. Found it interesting they did most of their rehearsing without robert. Sounds like he was worried how his voice would hold up. which probably doesnt bode well for those tour rumors
  7. I have it on Blu-Ray- but was really disappointed with the menus- which were great on the standard def version there isnt even a chapter select for the songs in the film- just the extras menu with a still frame- definitely seemed like a rushed job on the transfer to blu-ray.
  8. Wouldn't it be great to have some audio of their rehearsals including some gems like Houses of the Holy or Dyer Maker. I'm sure Jimmy has it in his car's CD player right now.... One can dream right?
  9. I do remember reading a quote from Robert that he didn't get the popularity of the Doors because why would people pay to have obscenities shouted at them. So maybe he wasnt impressed with them during that Seattle show- but he certainly does like the music. As mentioned earlier he has often covered Break On Through and mentioned the Doors in a positive light during his HOF speech. Then again if what I read was from Hammer of the Gods or Cole's books Im sure its misquoted.....
  10. I have a bootleg (Physically Present I believe----EDIT: actually it is "complete studio outtakes volume 9") where there is an FM broadcast of a live version of the Wanton Song. It certainly sounds like it is, and not a studio outtake, though I could be mistaken. But my question is where/when was this recorded, and is there any more to the broadcast? Seems strange they would go through the trouble of setting it up and only play a single song. Anyone have any info?
  11. I think it may be the Gonzaga show mislabeled. I remember one of my first bootlegs was a 4 lp set called Alpha and Omega- The first lp was labeled as Denver 68- and it was an absolutely awful recording- and the other 3 lps were from the last Oakland 77 show. I'm not saying Denver 68 doesnt exist in someones personal collection, but I know the show has been mislabeled through the years on various boots as it would certainly be an exciting find.
  12. my top 2: 8-31-71 Orlando- I love how you can hear Bonham count in and just kill the drums. 6-18-72 from seattle- something about that version just sends chills down my spine- I think it is the way Page quickly slides his hand down the neck at each stop in the song.
  13. I remember an interview where they tried their best to get Ten Years Gone on there- but there was a problem with the recording of Jonesey's 3-neck. And seeing the Over The Hills from TSRTS I can see why it wasnt included on the DVD- I really think we got the best of what they had to work with. The greedy fan in me wishes there was a 3rd disc of the rest of the shows- even in audio only and slideshow form- but hey I think the DVD was a fantasticly produced piece of work.
  14. Sorry if this has been discussed- but I couldnt find it searching for Blu-Ray. I was able to get my hands on the Blu-Ray version of TSRTS before it was pulled, and I can certainly see why, if it was a band decision. The sound and video transfer are indeed better- but the menu is awful. There is only a single freeze frame menu for the special features- and a play movie icon. That's it. Not even a scene selection menu or option. Also no booklet or inside cover pictures or anything. The 'regular' versions menus were fantastic I thought- very disappointing all in all. Hope they put so
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