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  1. I definetly dont have a movie I could say is my favorite, and I dont want to make a list for fear of leaving something off, but the first three that popped into my head were... Stand By Me The Truman Show Reign Over Me
  2. Stephen is a nice guy =)=)

  3. it seems like just yesterday i was forgetting to watch last years juno's...perhaps next year...
  4. beautiful... i realllly like your hair...
  5. thanks!...i cant seem to find a blushing smily... so we'll just have to use our imagination haha
  6. new computer, new webcam, new picture?
  7. great pictures everyone... ev, best hair in 1987 haha
  8. the best avitar ever? likely....damn max file size...
  9. thanks :)) it was just a note

  10. I think that you look good :)

  11. haha some of you people really take your warm weather for granted... umm, about -25 celsius tonight...so i guess that would be about -10 fahrenheit
  12. thanks for the nice comments.... haha, WW...heath ledger? i'll take it
  13. nice pictures everyone....nice guitar puck...not such a nice jersey though... ...heres one of me
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