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  1. I definetly dont have a movie I could say is my favorite, and I dont want to make a list for fear of leaving something off, but the first three that popped into my head were... Stand By Me The Truman Show Reign Over Me
  2. I hate these generalizations about today's youth. Sure there may be some groups that think the 'thug culture' is cool and its uncool to be 'smart, nice or politically aware' but its really just a percentage of today's youth, and from my experience, a fairly small one. You cant just lump all youths into that category just because you respect the time you grew up in more than now. It's unfair and pretty disrespectful to today's youth who value intelligence.
  3. So if you can't change something by yourself, no sense caring about it.
  4. i can understand how you might not like bale...the batman voice gets a bit irritating at times...
  5. i wish i was around here more often...this looks like fun...
  6. just saw it for the third time today...i really cant say enough good things about this movie, so i wont try because im tired... ...just wanted to add to the list of people that think its brilliant
  7. I think I'm the only person in canada that hopes calgary and montreal lose....calgary because i really like the sharks...and montreal, well, because i hate montreal... anyone else watching the dallas anaheim game right now?
  8. just digging up and old thread, dont mind me... This post really kinda captures how I feel most of the time. I know I'm depressed, it comes in waves, its just kinda something I learn to deal with i guess (grit my teeth and wait for it to pass). But the part that i can really relate to is how you mask it with humour. When I'm with friends I feel I have an obligation to be the guy that tells jokes and keeps people's spirits high, its just who I've always been. Reading this thread its comforting knowing how many people are dealing with it (I dont that mean in a bad way, just good to know
  9. those examples you gave, they all had young talent coming up through the system...toronto has very little in that department with exception of maybe 2 or 3 players...and with the 'frozen five', the five players with no trade clauses and big contracts eating up all toronto's cap space, they wont be getting any better until all those players can be dumped...could be a while.
  10. i think that slogan might be a bit optimistic....hows this... LEAFS WILL BE A PLAYOFF TEAM IN 2015
  11. it seems like just yesterday i was forgetting to watch last years juno's...perhaps next year...
  12. where do you go to (my lovely) - peter sarstedt
  13. beautiful... i realllly like your hair...
  14. i hate laughing out loud when im by myself looking at a computer... feel like an idiot...
  15. well at this point its all about those small moral victories...this seasons just about over for em i'd say
  16. i was trying to think of some clever witty thing to say, but i'll just go with something simple... leafs beat the red wings tonight !!
  17. Josh Ritter - The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter just an amazing album
  18. neutral

    Pet Peeves

    roomates that leave their clothes in the washer or the dryer...
  19. thanks!...i cant seem to find a blushing smily... so we'll just have to use our imagination haha
  20. new computer, new webcam, new picture?
  21. great pictures everyone... ev, best hair in 1987 haha
  22. i listen to very little classic rock anymore, including zeppelin...still love em but i guess i just got too much other stuff to listen to... but going even further back i guess i dont really listen to cheesy 90's dance music anymore... oh, wait...ya i do
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