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  1. If you can’t spell it, just google it. Сan you share with us, what is there, in those copybooks?
  2. I did, but at the first glance it looked like a football team. Yes, now I see. The football team belongs to the University. It could be some Unknown Church of Feeling, how do I know? Oh, THAT one… Well, I don’t know. That thread was deleted. It was very personal, you know. Perhaps it was deleted by moderators, or by the poster. And what lectures did he give? By the way, I think you are angry at me because you are angry at yourself that you’d called me your hero, which I’m not actually.
  3. What is UCF? As for that thread, it was started by the guy named The Chosen One, and I asked him how he knows that he is the chosen one, and he never answered. That’s pretty much it.
  4. Thank you, Vicky, and welcome to the forum! Could you elaborate a little on the subject of me being your hero? And yes, Hypertemple is not my idea, it’s Willner’s idea, but I already mentioned it.
  5. Thank you very much, Scarlet, for your poem. I think it’s very, very good, dead on and well written. Most of all I like these lines: Can you please share with us your poetry site address and your alias there? I think it would be interesting, not only for me, but for everybody. You know, I read your thread “Magic, Music, Religion and Psychotherapy”, and it’s very scientific. Probably that’s good, but I could not imagine that you would agree with “Rock and roll is my religion” motto.
  6. Thank you everybody who contributed to this thread, I’ll try and answer you soon. But first things first, and I’d like to answer The Dark Lord. Thank you, TDL, for your response. Would you buy the same excuse? – my religion is metaphorical. That means, when Jimmy is waving with his bow, summoning dark powers onto the stage – he is my God, and I don’t need any other Gods and Devils, they just don’t count. Zep is my God, on stage or in studio. But when the Music’s over – OK guys, you can go back to your mosques or synagogues, or whatever you call them – I don’t mind. But then, if some fundament
  7. OK yes, not literally, but figuratively, metaphorically. I have to admit: my religion is metaphorical. But I suppose that it’s a good thing for religion, and all major religions are metaphorical, although I will not try to persuade you that it’s true. Just one example: Jesus was real, but his Heavenly Father was just a metaphor he used. Because Jesus was a poet, and for any poet metaphor is more important than real live. And when I say ”John Bonham is in Heaven now”, I just mean “Bonzo is in our hearts”.
  8. Good point, Steve. I agree with you. But… there is more to it, when we deal with Led Zeppelin. When we listen to Zep, we don’t want to be ourselves anymore. We want to be there and then, with them. And we know that it’s impossible, absolutely impossible. You might find the way to speak with them (and you probably did), but you will never be one of them. ‘Cause they are not just famous musicians, not even rock-stars – they are Gods. I think it’s a very religious experience. Out of body experience, completely transcendental. The feeling is unmistakable. That’s what I’m trying to say…
  9. For me, Zep is not just a rock band, it’s a divine essence. OK, let’s assume that these words are also just a hyperbole. In that case, would you accept them?
  10. Cause you know, sometimes words have two meanings. Sorry, sorry to hear that. I wish you were serious. Cause worshipping something makes one feel better – much better.
  11. But you DO believe that Led Zeppelin cures cancer? I hope it’s not just a joke?
  12. I want to say that I am very grateful to all of you who took part in this discussion. Thanks to you, I’ve found a lot of wonderful people who like the idea of Rock Religion. Now we have a small but very friendly esoteric society, where we worship Zep Almighty, our God. If you want to join us – you are welcome, anytime.
  13. It’s very interesting. Are sex toys prohibited on all planes? Is ANY kind of sex prohibited?
  14. Just a username?!? You know, the world is waiting for The Chosen One. Who knows… I was just checking…
  15. Hi! Welcome. How do you know you are The Chosen One?
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