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  1. I listened to this over the weekend and was more or less blown away! The detail of a soundboard but the liveliness of an audience recording. There's a moment where the aud drops out during Black Dog and you can hear how sterile the sbd is on its own. My only complaint would be that on the mellotron songs, the guitar is drowned out. Particularly Kashmir, you can barely hear the guitar. Fantastic show. Especially Dazed and Confused, which has loads of inventive improvs, through the end of the show the band is on fire. But good vibes throughout. The only thing approaching a turkey is Trampled Und
  2. The first '77 boot I got was Eddie on cassette, without any song titles included. I had now knowledge of the set list beforehand and when Kashmir unexpectedly exploded out of Black Mountain Side, my reaction was the same as the audience - a split second of confusion and then "YES!!!" That being said, I do think it could have been trimmed down...
  3. The first boot I got was disc one of the "Destroyer" on Neutral Zone (it was two cd's packaged separately). I purchased it for probably $25 dollars at a record fair in the early 90's and was not blown away. The sound was thin, the performance not so good, some songs were cut. Also the songs didn't match the cover... As a kid for whom $25 was a lot of money, it felt like a rip off. Not long after I ordered the "Listen to this Eddie" show on 3 cassettes from the Zoso fanzine, and was floored! The band was on fire, the recording made you feel like you were there, and the show had an epic length t
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