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  1. you're such a mystery Steve! * cough* *stalker* *cough* *anorak*.....
  2. Which book did you read about Jimmy being in Spain around then?
  3. I very much doubt it - the American tour finished on 31 August and they didn't hit the road again until October. Travelling to Germany for one (small) show would make no sense.
  4. My point is, you weren't sure if the building project seen in the film is Old Hyde Farm. Well, now you know.
  5. Those 'details' are totally in the film, Mick Bonhams book and even Richard Coles book. Watch Moby Dick again, the part wher he's using the jackhammer. Then look at pics of Old Hyde in the two books. The window frames are a dead giveaway. Throw away your ridiculous 'notes' and smack the person who supplied you with them, for they are incorrect sir.
  6. Indeed. It's all there in Mick Bonhams book and in TSRTS movie. According to my notes...
  7. That 'freehold country house' is Old Hyde Farm, is it not?
  8. I don't come here often, and when I do, I'm very quickly reminded why...
  9. I have an original pressing of the fourth album (paid £1.00 for it at a flea market!) and it sounds way better than my 1980's pressing. My pressings of Presence, ITTOD and CODA all sound way better than my 1990's Marino CD's too. CODA especially sounds lame. I'm going vinyl all the way with these new ones, assuming the first three sound good and from the snippets I've heard so far - they do. The holy grail of course, is finding an original Bob Ludwig pressing of Zep II. Until then, my needle drop CD will have to do.
  10. I'm sorry. I LOVE the sound of the band ON FIRE! Orlando, LA, Osaka.... the early days, not so much the latter days......
  11. Okay, okay! I have the boots! I'm not a big fan of '77 either! I don't think there are any GREAT shows, from start to finish, from '77 - '80. Good shows, yes, great moments, DEFO!! but no GREAT shows... I think we all know Zep weren't the band they used to be after Earls Court 1975, and even that was patchy!
  12. TOTALLY disagree with that! I think Tea For One perfectly reflects both lyrically and musically the turmoil the band was suffering at that point. It's Zeppelins most original blues number. Does that guitar solo not "reach out" to you? Half of Zep 3 was a product of the Welsh mountains, Tea For One was a product of hotel rooms, uncertainty, wheelchairs, smack and loneliness. SIBLY is a love song by comparison! And the "blues" on the first album is just "typical" blues... I love them all, but T41 is PROPER Zep Blues!
  13. There is no "Best" Of 1980 - only "bad" and "even worse".... !!
  14. By the way Dirigible, you can thank Huw, not me for unearthing the pic.
  15. "Tea For One" - turgid blues!?!?!? It's their best, most authentic blues number!!
  16. Sorry, that's not what I meant! I meant the PHOTO - not the sound it might produce. I don't think Bonham did any recording with a pillow in there. That could have just been an experiment that was ditched on the first day of recording. So what I'm saying is, just cos we see a PIC of Bonzos drums with a pillow we shouldn't dismiss the likelyhood that they were probably his kits! If BOTH kits had pillows, I'd be a bit more scepticle. BUT maybe, just maybe, one or two numbers on ITTOD WERE recorded with a more contemporary and "modern" bass drum sound? Maybe it's time to dig the album out and have a closer listen....?
  17. Probably three Green Sparkle kits in total, in various locations across the globe. One in the USA and two in Europe perhaps? It's been documented that a brand new Green Sparkle kit was delivered to Headly Grange during the fourth album sessions, so that would put two in England at least. As for the Polar Studios pic - there are too many co-incidences at work for that NOT to be Bonzos gear, whether hired or his own. A front head removed and a pillow stuffed into a drum means absolutely nothing. Perhaps they were "experimenting" with different drum sounds? There were two kits there, one with a ported head and one without. There is nothing to suggest he did or didn't record with a muffled bass drum. Maybe that pic was taken before the band even arrived at the studio? We just don't know. The clincher with pic of course though, is that Stainless kit. Take another look. 26" bass drum, 15x12 tom, 6.5" snare and a big Ride cymbal. I'd say your looking at the kit that most of ITTOD was recorded on.
  18. It seems to me that Bonham had a fave Green Sparkle kit that he always recorded with from around the 3rd or 4th LP, and when ITTOD rolled around he took the Green and the (then) newly aquired Stainless kit into the studio too... I totally forgot about that video, that guys seems genuine with his remarks. It's highly likely that someone who knew Mick Hinton might have popped across to Munich, yes? By the way, that guy Terry in the video is a pretty good drummer himself, he has a few cool vids up on Youtube. His Bonham licks are impressive. Thank Huw
  19. Huw! Long time no speak, how are you? You and I have had this conversation before, regarding your avatar. Sam the Webmaster claimed he showed Jason the pic and Jason dismissed it... Certainly looks to me like a Green Sparkle and a Stainless in THOSE sizes.. tiptop22 - there is an amusing film of Dave Grohl handling one of Bonhams snare drums, that's all I can see....
  20. I'd like to know the truth! The FACTS. As far as I'm concerned, it's just a rumour. We've seen loads of pics of Bonzo sitting behind various kits that he used on AND off stage....and that Silver Sparkle just ain't one of them. I could set the cat amongst the pigeons and say Bonham played Zildjian cymbals! Whoa!! you say, he played Paiste! Yes, he was ENDORSED by Paiste, but he OWNED Zildjians! How do I know this? Photos!
  21. You know, just because something appears in print doesn't mean it's gospel. "A Thunder of Drums" claims Bonham died age 31....seriously - the only Bonham biog out there and they can't even get THAT right...
  22. There are NO pics of the "Silver Sparkle" kit, not in Thunder Of Drums, nowhere. Wikipedia is as reliable as the person who typed it and I find it highly unlikely Jeff Ocheltree was anywhere NEAR Musicland studios when Zep were recording. Why would he be...?
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