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  1. Thanks! Hehe ^__^ Dallas, you know I've been working my ass off thinking of them varieties and different arrangements for the song, made a couple of versions of it. But then when I listened to em' I just thought fuck it and decided to go with the first raw version. You know how one can get overexcited with mixing and production? Well sometimes the rawest version with all of its seemingly flaws and imperfections turns out to be the one with most charm and groove to it. I dunno, that's what I thought. =)
  2. Well Ladies & Gents, I present to you my new demo song "Lethal Eliminator"! It's a bit in a different mood and style compared to my previous two tracks, this one's more of a Jack White Garage Rock vibe to it. http://soundcloud.com/arthur-talpa/lethal-eliminator
  3. LOL It's not russian, guys...It's greek. And it stands for Chemistry3
  4. SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( This is fucked up! =((( RIP
  5. Btw guys, check out Blood Ceremony! And in particular, their latest album - The Eldritch Dark! It's an awesome band with a unique blend of Jethro Tull and Black Sabbath! With occult lyrics and vintage doom sound! Amazing!
  6. So far I just heard God is Dead and the 3 bonus tracks... but OMG!!! METHADEMIC - IS A KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is Dead is pretty awesome too!!! Pure DOOM!!!! \m/ Im trying my very best not to listen to the whole album untill I get my vinyl copy!!!! BUT ITS SO HARD!!!!!
  7. Well you know what they say... NOTHING's FINAL TILL ITS VINYL! Vinyl and ONLY Vinyl!!! Started actively collecting about 4 years ago. Half of my humble collection is comprised out of the LPs I've inherited from my Dad. The other half are the ones that I bought either through vinyl get-togethers or at Amazon/E-Bay/Discogs... I try very hard to be sure that I buy only the early first pressings of the vintage bands and albums. I also collect some of the modern bands and albums that I think are really worth it... My recent purchases and additions to my collection are: Blood Ceremony - Living With The Ancients Black Mountain - In The Future Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats - Blood Lust \m/
  8. I really hope Jimmy will be releasing something exciting and new...
  9. I really wish, Mr. Bean would get to be The New Pope...either he or Marylin Manson....
  10. Probably that's some of the so called unreleased stuff that's been saved for the upcoming Led Zeppelin boxset remasters reissue Oh wait...I think that could be a nice title for a Led Zeppelin track LOL
  11. Well, I've been following Glenn's tweets the past couple of months and he has been doing his best not to spill out the beans as he did many times before But he did surrender at some point when he said he was starting a NEW BAND and that they are recording their debut album. He promised details on the subject to be due in one or two months... He also said he's doing something for his SOUL MOVER INNER CHILD this year, whatever that supposed to mean... I take it it's going to be another solo Hughes album... But anyway, back to the Jimmy joining former BCC members thing... I would really love to see that IF all of the members share their songwriting contributions to the album... Cuz let's be honest, the past 2 BCC albums could have easily been called GLENN HUGHES & HIS ALL HUGHES BAND! If they are going to do it though, it would be nice if JPJ would come along to replace Derek on keyboards too But honestly, I think Ritchie Blackmore would do a better job as an axe-man in THIS particular project/band....Jimmy should just focus on LED ZEPPELIN's new album, imho
  12. Oh for Frack's sake, you people! Come ON!!!! I mean, it's not like all of what they have done and accomplished as Led Zeppelin will fade or dissapear prior to the possible release of new material.....Times they are a changing and if they feel they've been recharged and revitalized, then BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AC/DC would have never been the same if it wasn't for BACK IN BLACK album which was released after their ORIGINAL FOUNDING MEMBER FRONTMANT VOCALIST Bon Scott died and was replaced with Brian Johnson...Think about it.
  13. I pray to God every day for it to become reality...
  14. Or...maybe he went as far as to reveal the band's new name or album title? The Capricorns......
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