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  1. Since you've touched this subject... how about some good online stores to buy records(oldies)? Does anybody know of them? Except for discogs...
  2. Actually he said nothing about Zeppelin there...He just said that he has nothing to do... But I do wish Jimmy would team up with him for the announced new-material album =)
  3. I noticed that a lot of modern LPs even those that were licensed for sale in US ONLY were pressed and manufactured in Pallas plant in Germany... (Nonesuch records for instance) The question is WHY? Does the German pressing sound better than UK or US pressing? I wouldn't say that... :-\
  4. I've been watching the ceremony, but didn't catch the performances! =( So happy for Black Keys and Dr. John! But at the same time a little bit dissapointed that Jack didn't win shit.... =( Blunderbuss deserved to be album of the year, not fucking Mumford and Sons!!!
  5. A tour although theoretically might be possible (though we all know it ain't happening) is one thing I would deffinitely look forward too, BUT... In my opinion an album of brand new material or never before released stuff would be even more important and GRAND! And unlike the tour, the chances for that to happen are slightly higher... I still believe they should've tried that... I mean, Jason is close to perfect replacing his father on the drums...Plant said it himself, that Zeppelin is about experimenting and moving on...so why not make one proper grand finale by making and releasing somet
  6. Cheers! =) Time waits for no one...
  7. Btw... Check out this group on facebook! https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/rivalsonsanddaughters/ They have cool pics of Jimmy attending their gig in UK!!!!! =)
  8. In my book, Third Man Records - is the best label\company ever! The sound quality and packaging of their vinyls is mesmerizing!
  9. I have it. Nice band btw, but the album seemed a little bit too Sabbath...They literally rip-off their every idea... :-\
  10. Yada yada yada... Guys just listen to Manifest Destiny part 1.... trust me...just listen to that one song...
  11. Yeah... I've been keeping an eye out on many new bands lately... but Rival Sons seem to be a stand out band... The vocalist has a very vintage-wrigley's-spermint-kinda Paul Rodgers\Bonamassa kinda voice with bits of Plant and Dio tones and overtones every here and there... The musicians are very good, all sections: rythm and guitar....top notch musicanship. They've got the groove and they've got the vibe... Wolfmother's first album was great but honestly by the end of the album and further on the second album the vocalist starts to become annoying, man...there is absolutely no diversit
  12. As they like to say on facebook: "Shit just got real..."
  13. Happy Birthday, Sir Page! You are a true guitar Wizzard!!! Wish you enormous health and inspiration to carry on! =)
  14. UPDATE! Just added a Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Arthurs.Cradle.of.Colours
  15. Just read the latest issue of NME and apart from Palma Violets, I've stumbled upon a band that got me interested... The name was Temples....it's a brand new english band from a small town which brings back the Magical Mystery Tour, early Byrds, Caravan kinda sound and groove! I found them pretty much amazing! After discovering Tame Impala last year, I guess Temples is The Next Best Thing! Well, atleast they got me beggin' for more and desperately craving for their debut album! Some exciting shit, really! Check out their clips on youtube! What do you guys think?
  16. Happy Birthday, John-Paul! Lot's of health and many more years of TOTAL ROCK OUT!!! \m/
  17. 10:55am here... so we still have a lot of time.... but Happy New Year everyone! Let's hope it's a good one
  18. =) Creedence forever brother! I gave em a try a couple of days ago...they sound ok I guess. Not that many quality shoegazer bands out there nowadays, so ya gotta be happy with what you have, eh? =) New Dead Can Dance album was epic news to me! (Same as new My Bloody Valentine album)! The album's good! As for ALberta Cross, I don't know, I loved their Broken Side of Time album better... Songs of Patience is kinda somewhere else...on another plane I guess. Haven't fully heard The Seer yet, although read a lot of favourable reviews... A new Rush album is always good! Just
  19. Clapton, May, Iommi...nuff said.
  20. Oh, I get it... nobody's listening to music on this forum...my bad...
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