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  1. UPDATE http://soundcloud.com/arthur-talpa/the-awakening Well guys, are you ready to hear a new song? It's finally time! I've been working on this one for over 2 years LOL...had a hard time figuring out how to shape the ending properly....so anyways, don't be too strict with your judgement! It's only a home demo song! Check it out and tell me what you think! =) LINK = http://soundcloud.com/arthur-talpa/the-awakening
  2. Happy New Year!!!!! Prepare yourselves!!!
  3. It's sad to say this but the Legend is coming to an end... and that goes to most of the bands that I trully love =(
  4. Yeah...unfortunately Gillan's voice is way past its prime...The best thing that could happen to Deep Purple now is the reunion of Mk3....although John Lord is not with us anymore =(
  5. Nah, I don't think that's a good idea...really. The collaboration with guest musicians and vocalists is good but not for an original album effort that would serve as a basis for a tour....And furthermore the album where each song is sang by a different artist looses its soul and coherency...And both of Slash's albums sucked btw...well in my opinion. What he could consider doing though is teaming up with Glenn Hughes and Jason Bonham + John Paul Jones.... THAT would be a monster record! Glenn has both the voice and energy to keep up with Jimmy's thunderous riffs and killer solos! Just
  6. Word! I absolutely agree! PS. Well yeah, there were those two topics dedicated to a particular song...but since technically there was no dedicatedTame Impala (band) thread, I thought I'd start this one. =)
  7. Oh Great Youtube, please shine a light on us loomers! =)
  8. Last thing I went to see in the Cinema was Cloud Atlas...and it was Epic! Looking forward to go and see Django Unchained soon...oh and The Hobbit! =)
  9. Wait... so is it today or tomorrow morning? Cuz it's already 3:32 pm here where I live....
  10. I can't agree with you on one thing...Don't underestimate Kansas! In my humble opinion Kansas is far more underestimated compared to Rush. If you haven't really been much into that band or haven't heard much from them, try getting your hands on their albums: "Leftoverture" and "Point of No Return", and if you fail diggin' into them then it means that Kansas is just not for you...The same thing with Jethro Tull basically... it's either a win or fail....
  11. Just read an article saying that the mexican scientists said we have to wait till Sunday for the shift of Aions to occur due to the western and mayan callendars falling out of synch...LOL
  12. Really? I made sure I searched the forums for any Tame Impala threads before starting this one... weird. But anyway! Yeah, they are amazing! I've ordered their albums on vinyl, the Innerspeaker has arrived a couple of days ago, still waiting for Lonerism! The quality of vinyl is very good! Unlike Black Country Communion...was a total dissapointment for me...=(
  13. Ok guys, it's been a very tutti-fruity year for us all and a very fruitful year in Music! And since the end of the world didn't happen and all of us will most likely will see the dawn of a new era\year w/e, I thought it would be interesting to know LedZeppelin.com's view on the best albums of the ending year. And although the topic is called top 10 which is a priority minimum, feel free to type in as many albums as you might want! The albums in your top shouldn't neccesserily be of a ROCK genre...Just feel free to share your views and tastes as you recap the best stuff you have heard thr
  14. Absolutely agree on Astra... They're the best new band in the ganre of Space Rock, Progressive Art Rock, Eloy\Yes\King Crimson style! As for the hard rock Zeppie style... After much reconsideration, I'd have to say that the best band in here is RIVAL SONS. Now I've been checking out on a lot of new bands, some of them I really got to like, some of them were ok, but in my opinion the SOUND and Groove of Rival Sons just stands out above the rest. Unlike bands like say... The Answere, Electric Mary, Airbourne, Tracer, etc (which are all good bands actually), Rival Sons for some reason are a
  15. Agreed 100% American Woman is an album that should be hanging on the same wall with most of the definitive and essential albums of the 60s\70s era period in the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame. I've heard a lot of cover versions of the title song, the only one that I kinda liked was the one done by Lenny Kravitz.... but STILL I preffer the original! It just sounds soooooo wicked and groovy you could imagine yourself in the 60s partying like crazy at Austin Powers' pad lol
  16. In my eyes John McLaughlin is one of the BEST guitar players of ALL TIME in ALL THE GANRES! Though if we're talking particularly about fusion... he IS the best! If you haven't heard anything about em, do yourself a favour go buy an album by The Mahavishnu Orchestra called "Birds of Fire" and "Apocalypse"...listen to them!...then sweep all your Malmsteen and Satriani cds (if you have them in your collection) and dump em in the shitter! jk Oh and he's been very active the past 5 years or so...He has a new album out 2012 with his band The 4th Dimension... and I've seen him perform o
  17. Geez, are you people serious? What, haven't you heard anything about these guys? Don't know about you, but I just can't get enough of them! It's the next best thing to ever happen to modern Rock music after The Black Keys...imho Oh wait... I think I've already said that before somewhere, somewhen...
  18. Is it just me, or does Paul really sounds better singing hard rock style? Btw, I think I'm missing out on something... can somebody enlighten me on the subject of who the glob Smear is and how is he related to Nirvana????
  19. LOL My point exactly! The end of the world is when you die! Nothing more, nothing less... And it is inevitable
  20. What people do forget or not realize though is that back in the glory days all the top acts of the time like Jefferson Airplane, Beatles, Cream, Hendrix, etc were actually considered to be POP (!) And that made sense since the music they were playing and producing really WAS POPular practically worldwide...So it was HIP and RAG, Maaaan! Nowadays, if you'll go to a modern nightclub or w/e and ask the DJ to play you a Hip song, he'll most likely put on Justin Bieber or some dance mix of Adele... Times they are a changing! :-\
  21. Yo No, Not really...well atleast for now... But I'll say it again... I'm REALLY looking forward to some EPIC things taking place in 2013!!!!!
  22. +1 The only song that I kinda like is Working on a Dream... and partially because Steven Van Zandt is in it...That Guy is so underrated... he should be the front man instead of Springsteen
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