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  1. I agree with almost everything you said... but Yoko Ono is just a twisted Salvador Dali trying to sound like King Crimson on drugs...with Glossalolia and stuff...
  2. Oh Glob! I forgot about Jimmy Page getting back to business! Oh, Man, this is going to be the shit!
  3. I absolutely agree! 2013 will be the greatest year of the decade!!!! New albums from Black Keys, Deep Purple, BLACK SABBATH!, My Bloody Valentine, Beady Eye, Alice in Chains, and MORE!!! BRING IT ON BIZNITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOO HOOOO!!! IM ON A HIGHWAY TO HELL!!!! =)
  4. Hmmm... Did you buy your tickets online or at the box office? Been wanting to do a summer of rock tour down the europe for a very long time now, thought I might as well stop by to see Mr. Waters since it's relatevily close by... =) PS. I also heard that KISS are heading your way sometime next spring =)
  5. Word! You see, it's not like I'm naive or disinformed or something... I for one know the meaning of disappointment when I hear my favourite bands like Nazareth, Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, etc keep on releasing new stuff on a regular basis...but they fucking suck!!!! DAMN IT! =( Their best works have already been made... What they are doing by that, is just ruining their heritage...they should just let go... That's why I was skeptical about Led Zepplin too, but I'll repeat it once again, AFTER I heard Celebration Day...I couldn't stop thinking what these guys are capable of doing i
  6. Exactly! That's what I'm saying! I mean, given the fact that we all know how painstakingly good Jimmy is at recording and producing stuff...Celebration Day is yet another sheer proof of that! I really believe that not only they can still do it, but they can come up with something absolutely amazing! It could've been like a cherry on the top of the cake!
  7. Oh, Christ! Release something new already! I'll be honest, I had doubts about whether it was a good idea for Zeppelin to do something new in the studio...but that was BEFORE I've seen and heard Celebration Day! Sweet Mother of Mercy! THEY FCKING NAILED IT! Some of the songs like Kashmir, Whole Lotta Love etc they managed to play even better than they had done on the original records!!! I mean, come on! Forget about reunion tours, it aint gonna happen, but I can't understand WHY NOT do something together with Jason in the Studio? Everybody's doing it, Black Sabbath, The Sones and their Do
  8. Well I'll be damned! It's about bloody time, Jimmy! =) I just hope he's not gonna fall for the same mistake Slash did with his first solo album. Gotta have a proper band and ONE front-man vocalist. No guests.
  9. A couple of days ago I came across this band that tottaly got me blown away! And it appears that it was just the right time for me to discover them since they have just released their second LP! Both of their albums are AMAZING! Can't think of a modern day band who'd start off with such an impressive debut album and an even more challenging follow up! If you haven't heard them yet, then stop what you are doing and get their ALBUM! or atleast check one of their songs on you-tube or soundcloud! Their sound and groove is a mixture of the 60s Sgt. Pepper era Beatlesque psychedelic rock, D
  10. WOW! Thanks u guys! Didn't expect people would actually apreciate it. Thank you for the kind words! They're encouraging! =) Aye, thanks man! =) Dr. Hook that's who I am, or atleast what I'm trying to become... LOL j/k And yeah, it is my dream to eventually record a full scale LP studio album at some point in time and have it packed with only the best songs I can come up with. That's why I'm taking my time, you knowhatimean? I hate it how bands and artists nowadays tend to return to the formula of having one or two hit songs or singles on the album and have the rest of it stuffed w
  11. Yo, what's up zepheads? Never had a chance to start a proper introduction thread, well I thought I'd do one with a song. =) It's nothing grand, just a humble home-made demo single or w/e. I'm not a pro, I just do what I like and how I like with respect to my abilities and whatever...Been in a couple of bands back in my University days, but I figured that it's not my thing playing cover songs all the time and being in the company of people who don't quite share the same vision and views. Which is why I started composing and recording my own stuff at home all by myself. So anyway, since
  12. PS. There is only one Football, the Game of The Millions...
  13. Dynamo Kyiv, Shakhtar Donetsk, Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, FC Zirka Kirovohrad...
  14. Damn it... Looks like things aren't as good as they say afterall....
  15. Well if it's going to be a MOVIE like TSRTS, then I guess we will have fillers or interviews inbetween the songs...If there were any fuck ups, I bet they will just have the transition faster or whatever...
  16. I wonder what are they gonna include in bonus and extra materials on the DVD?????????????????????????????????????
  17. Wooooooooooooo hoooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The trailer is tight!!!!
  18. Ginger Baker & The Shitkickers Ginger Baker on The Drums Jimmi Page and Richie Blackmore on Guitars Paul McCartney on Bass and back-vocals. Ray Manzarek on the keyboard. Freddie Mercury as a front man and lead vocals! LOL
  19. A unique band, trully. It was ''the outsider/lone wolf" back in the 60s when everything was consumed with flower power and still stands alone as one of the most authentic, unusual and charismatic bands of all time!
  20. IMAGINE! If you had godlike powers and were able to assemble THE ultimate dream supergroup consisting off of your favourite musicians (deceased and living alike), what it would be like? Feel free to think of a name, ganre and other details of that custom band of yours.
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