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  1. While there is money, segregation, false values and primitive hunger for power and domination - there will be pain, suffery and bloodshed. The good news is though, the system is on the way to its impending death. Ocean keeps on flowing, the bubble's bound to brake and by the time they finally realize that the people are no longer mere dreamers, the world WILL live as one. It's inevitable.
  2. What do you think the internet is for?
  3. Look, the point is for them to play on their own, ok? LOL
  4. Why being so secretive if it all leaks out...and it makes me wonder...
  5. Do you honestly believe that Jimmy Page will just sit there in a tux and clap to some wimp playing his tunes to him? He'd most probably say, fuck it, let me do it myself!!!))))))) lol
  6. So whazzzup, boys? Are ya ready for a new yummy treat coming your way?? =) I mean BCC - Afterglow of course.. One of the best bands of the past 5 years at the least. I really like what Glenn is doing with his career. It's really inspiring to see a man far in his 60s still pushing the limits and trying to top the bill! And his charisma and scenical performance is electrifying not to mention his voice!!! I'd say he is one of the best vocalists of his age in the world!!!! Joe Bonamassa is amazing! Honestly he's the only worthy heir to the likes of Clapton, Page and Beck... Jason and D
  7. This is one of my most favourite Led Zep songs!!! And imho, one of their best EPICs. The way I see it, Presence was a quintessential album, and although Plant's vocal range had decreased a little bit due to objective reasons, the band itself was at its prime as a WHOLE. (imho) Too bad, but I haven't really seen any other live version of it other than on Knebworth dvd =(...
  8. @ Front Row Dave That's some serious shit right there! =) Right on!
  9. Actually it looks like a scam rather than fake as the guy who did it had that song available for purchase on every online music store. But I'll admit, I was hyper excited at first when I read it. The only thing is though, howcome Dave Grohl didn't make an official announcement saying that it's all bs, since the articles on zimbo are citing him.
  10. =) Yep! If the Mayans were right about something - it's the cycle system. It comes, it goes and then it comes back again...=) This works perfectly fine with me every year when it comes to The Doors! =)))
  11. Now this band has fucking style and charisma that never changes! Just like AC/DC!
  12. "So Sgt. Pepper took you by surprise", huh?))) That's how it is. That's how it should be. Every year more and more people discover the treasures and gems of The Golden Era of Rock Music. There were dozens of good bands, a handful of great bands but only a few to reach the heights of Led Zeppelin, and NONE that could get anywhere as near The Beatles. The test of time is the ultimate filter. Although most of the younger generations such as myself may feel that we were born a little bit too late to catch up with the Flower Power groove and all, we still have to be grateful and feel priviledged
  13. They've put the video today, I wonder if they'll put anything extra aside from #2 tomorrow.
  14. Whatever it is, I just hope it won't end up like Queen+Adam Lambert...
  15. 3 more days...till EPIC WIN or EPIC FAIL...
  16. Exactly! Now, if they've managed to come up with something like THAT (Save Me), imagine what the album would be like!...
  17. Yer, you're right... Also! What about all those claims on behalf of Jason, who said that they've been real close to reforming and that they've been working on new material with Page and JPJ and without Plant....Since those jam sessions DID take place back in time, one would think they'd save the stuff they've been working on for later... right? http://m.vh1.com/new...st=led_zeppelin
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