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  1. Led Dirigible

    Johhny Winter has died

    Very sad news. I was fortunately able to see him guest with Gov't Mule in New Oeans this March. His death makes me appreciate that experience all the more.
  2. Led Dirigible

    24/96 remasters?

    The hi-res tracks will be available through HDTracks and the Super Deluxe box sets. The remastered albums will be released on June 2. By the way, there's this cool place called the "Internet". You could probably find more over there.
  3. Yes! Sign me up too! I wonder of it will be the same dimensions as the original?
  4. Led Dirigible

    Record Store Day 2014

    Huh. That's weird. There are copies available on eBay, but I cant find anything about the release except that it is on Blimp Records. EDIT: I found a Discogs listing for it: http://www.discogs.com/Led-Zeppelin-BBC-Sessions/release/4165441 Apparently it's an unofficial German release from 2011.
  5. Led Dirigible

    Paul McCartney

    If you bought tickets directly from Paul McCartney's website, there is no need to worry. He wouldn't be selling fraudulent tickets on his own website, would he?
  6. Led Dirigible

    Record Store Day 2014

    It's the same order with mine.
  7. Led Dirigible

    Record Store Day 2014

    I arrived my "local" record store at 4:15 AM and was fifth in line. The first guy in line had arrived at 3:00! Some employees arrived a little after 7:00 to out place numbers, and they informed us that there were problems with the distributor. They had apparently not received everything they ordered, and what had received was in limited supply. Fortunately, they had everything I wanted except for Little Games. I picked up JP and the Black Crowes, the Allman Brothers release, and Hendrix Live at Monterey among others. I was a little worried about the price of JP and the Black Crowes, as last years Cream release (also a colored triple LP set) was $120. It happened that it was only around $40, so I was quite happy. The colored vinyl is very nice looking (especially the clear LP),and I played it immediately after getting back home. Along with my purchases, I got a goodie bag filled with buttons, CDs, and a cool "Support Your Local Record Store" t-shirt. I really enjoy the vibe of Record Store Day, and getting there early was definitely worth it. Afterthought: I was really quite impressed with the sound of the Allman Brothers release. Did anyone else pick that up?
  8. I don't own a copy, but here's an ebay listing........ for $100! http://www.ebay.com/itm/Page-Plant-No-Quarter-Guitar-Tab-Bass-Tablature-book-Jimmy-Page-Robert-Plant-/161273899804?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item258cac6b1c
  9. Led Zeppelin 1 will have the Paris '69 concert in lieu of studio outtakes/unreleased tracks. Any Led Zeppelin II outtakes you may find on YouTube or elsewhere are simply fan made "remixes" using the multitracks that were leaked a couple of years ago. They are not what is going to be released in the box sets.
  10. I completely forgot about April Fools Day! I was worried for a moment.
  11. What. Please tell me this is BS.
  12. Led Dirigible

    Robert's high voice

    So if I wear tight pants I can hit high notes like Robert Plant? Awesome!
  13. Led Dirigible

    Interesting or Funny Things At A Gig

    I understand your dislike of crowd surfers, but the guy could have been hurt. Have some empathy.
  14. Led Dirigible

    Interesting or Funny Things At A Gig

    Well that wasn't very nice of you.
  15. Led Dirigible

    Considering to sell Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page book.

    I'll give you $30. Right now, cash money.