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  1. AGREED! they look like something to translate to me!
  2. looks awesome though dude!! painful is the price lol!! a dang good one!!
  3. i feel more of a family friend to zepp now i have joined the forums...
  4. yea why cant they just stick to JP-Jimmy page JPJ-jonesy RP-robert and JB-bonzo? doesnt make any since.
  5. me when i was listening to led zeppelin
  6. im from south carolina....my real father(dead) was from London (born and raised) and my mother is from here! :D:D
  7. isn't that awesome!? imma look for the kashmir tune :Ddundun dundundun
  8. I bet they would do anything to try and make the Bonham family feel better.
  9. LOL same here i have the "how the west was won" 3 disk live version
  10. yes i think it would be STH but rock n roll comes first sometimes...maybe they have changed it around a bit
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